2Girls one Cup|Have You Watched 2Girls one Cup?

2Girls one Cup|Have You Watched 2Girls one Cup?

When I first found out about 2girls one cup, I had to watch it because of its infamous notoriety in the world of weird and disgusting videos on the internet. But I wish I hadn’t – now, every time I eat my food, all I can picture is two girls pooping into a cup and then eating it together. Yuck! Here’s why you should probably avoid watching this video if you haven’t already…

My reaction when someone asked me to watch 2girls one cup

The original video features two women who eat from a giant bowl of stew, but then an insect crawls out of it. The trailer for a low-budget comedy movie, 2girls one cup, featured clips from that clip. Most people watching it were grossed out or scared by what they saw, but something else happened… over time, people began to make their own reaction videos. Some made them because they were amused at how horrified others were, while others found themselves scared and disgusted by what they watched.

What I felt before watching 2girls one cup

Here’s a trailer for a movie I never knew existed. It’s called Hungry Bitches, and it features two women … eating ice cream cones. Maybe you can figure out why it’s called Hungry Bitches. The description is enough to make my stomach churn just thinking about it, but perhaps you want to watch 2girls one cup for yourself before judging me for even mentioning it—so here you go! (WARNING: This video is 100% not safe for work.)

Watching it made my stomach turn.

Several years ago, a video of two women performing sexual acts on each other with a cup quickly went viral. Dubbed 2girls one cup has become a dark footnote in Internet history. Having seen it myself (and not being easily offended), I can say that there are two girls in one cup—not to mention tons of poop. If you want to see for yourself, here’s where you can watch 2 Girls 1 Cup online: Watch Now!

My mind was racing while watching 2girls one cup.

The trailer features two women pulling into a gas station bathroom, one asking: Are you ready? (Expletive) Yes! The next thing you know, they’re just getting down to it. This is probably one of those things that will forever be seared into my memory. Like seeing my little cousin naked for the first time. Or watching Slumdog Millionaire after being told it was violent—just a head-bashing scene after another.

The first thing I did when I finished watching 2girls one cup

The first thing I did was to make sure my room door was locked, then run a search on my computer for 2 girls 1 cup so that I could go through every result very carefully. Next, I watched it again. And then again. This is a disturbing movie. It should be noted here that around 17 million people have observed it. Don’t ask me why, but apparently, it is pretty popular among certain circles in America. Maybe you’re one of them too? If so, please don’t watch it. If you haven’t seen it yet, take our word for it—don’t do it. Just don’t do it. Seriously, just… don’t…do…it!


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FAQs about 2girls one cup

Did you watch it all?

Yes, every bit of it.

What was your reaction when you saw it?

I felt sick to my stomach! Like most people who watched, once in a while, I would get to a part where I didn’t want to see anymore, but then curiosity took over, so I kept watching anyway.

How did you find out about 2girls1cup?

I read an email from one of my friends asking if I had seen it yet and saying that he couldn’t believe something like that existed.

Why did you keep on watching?

Curiosity is what drove me to continue watching.

Would you watch it again?

No way! The thought of doing that makes me feel ill just thinking about it now…

Do you have any advice for others who think of viewing 2 girls 1 cup or other similar videos?

Don’t do it!


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