3 Effective Ways to Boost Your Fertility

3 Effective Ways to Boost Your Fertility

When most couples after marriage think to conceive they consider a number of factors such as the facilities of a gynecologist from a reputed hospital, physical health, proximity to their family members, etc. However, they don’t consider the aspects of fertility until they are unable to conceive and face infertility problems.

Fertility issues, mostly, appear in men but they can also affect women. Infertility has become a major issue around the world and almost affects 15 percent of people. It can be a roadblock to married life and cause a number of mental problems as when couples fail to conceive they blame each other and always argue which can add discomfort to their peaceful life.

According to a urologist in the Australian concept infertility medical center, it is not the best idea to blame each other for not conceiving. In this regard, couples need to know first who is experiencing infertility problems, husband or wife. When the problem is diagnosed in the husband or wife then he/she needs to add foods to the diet for increasing the chances of fertility.

In addition, if a partner is not experiencing infertility issues then he/she can also consume these foods for maintaining good health as well as a happy married life.

Ways to Boost Fertility

Here are some effective ways to boost fertility in both men and women regardless of their age:

1. Foods Packed with Anti-Oxidants

Zinc and folate are considered the best anti-oxidants which can increase the chances of fertility for men and women. When there is an increment in free radicals in the body the chances of damage to the sperm and egg cells tend to increase.

When you consume anti-oxidants on a regular basis it helps in deactivating free radicals in the body that play a role in protecting sperm and egg cells from damage. In addition, a study that was conducted in 2012 on young adults found that adults who consumed seventy-five grams of anti-oxidants-rich walnuts every day experienced improved sperm quality.

Another study that was conducted on 232 women concluded that higher consumption of folate every day was associated with high rates of implantation. Additionally, it also increased the chances of clinical pregnancy and live birth.

However, medical specialists are still unable to decide how much the number of anti-oxidants will or will not affect fertility but they are sure that anti-oxidants affect fertility in a positive way.

Foods such as vegs, fruits, grains, etc. are packed with anti-oxidants such as beta carotene, vitamin C, and vitamin E that are also helpful for maintaining overall health. You can increase the consumption amount of these foods boosting infertility and maintaining the health of internal and external organs.

2. Dates

Most people eat dates just because of their delicious taste. However, they are unaware of their health benefits. Dates are only delicious in taste but they are also packed with different nutrients to maintain overall health and support conception. Potassium, Vitamin A, Iron, etc. are the rich nutrients in dates that contribute to human health.

These nutrients are considered essential for allowing women to conceive and maintain a healthy pregnancy till birth. In addition, they can also prevent and treat constipation problems during pregnancy and can also regularize bowel movements easily.

You consume dates alone or to increase their effectiveness you can consume them with milk or make a paste of dates and coriander roots. You can boil this mixture in the milk of a cow and drink it every day. This mixture will help you a lot after periods. However, consuming dates through smoothies would also be a great option.

3. Eat Bigger Breakfasts

Eating healthy and effective breakfasts can help women to overcome infertility problems. A study, in this regard, found that eating large breakfasts may improve the hormonal effects of PCOS which is among the causes of infertility.

Women who had moderate weight with polycystic ovary syndrome consumed most calories of the day through breakfast, which helped them to increase testosterone levels by 50% and decrease insulin levels by 8%. High levels of testosterone can play a major role in contributing to fertility.

Additionally, this study was conducted in 12 weeks on women, these women ovulated more than those women who consumed breakfasts in smaller amounts.

However, if you are going to increase the size of your breakfast then you will need to reduce the size of your dinner because big breakfasts with heavy dinner will lead to weight gain, even obesity.

You can check different online sources for the best healthy breakfast options or you can pay a visit to a nutritionist to get information about healthy foods for breakfast.

The Bottom Line

Infertility can cause a number of mental problems in both men and women. Therefore, it becomes important to take measures to boost fertility. The above-mentioned ways can help you in boosting fertility and starting a happy married life.


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