4 Reasons Why You & Your Friends Should Hang Out in a Korean Barbecue Restaurant

4 Reasons Why You & Your Friends Should Hang Out in a Korean Barbecue Restaurant

On the hunt for a perfect place where you and your friends could chat and catch up? If you’re up for some serious cooking or barbecue experience, setting up your meet-up in an unlimited samgyupsal restaurant around Pasig might just be a perfect idea you have to try. Now, you’re probably wondering, how so, listed below are some reasons why you and your gang should dine and chat in an authentic Korean restaurant.

Unlimited Portion of Food & Drinks

unlimited samgyupsalIf your group is all for unlimited serving, samgyupsal is the perfect spot for you. As you might’ve probably known, most Korean BBQ restaurants in the country offer their dinners with unlimited meal deals. This means you can ask for refills or get as much food as you can so long as you can consume it.

What’s more is, their unlimited refill doesn’t just end with their meal but also with their drinks and banchan.  Banchan is a selection of Korean side dishes that guests enjoy in Korea which can

serve as an appetizer or a pairing to their samgyupsal. One important reminder as you and your gang dive into an unlimited Korean barbecue is to make sure you only get as much as what you can consume. Otherwise, they might bill you for an additional cost for it.

The Menu Is Reasonably Priced

unlimited korean BBQ samgyupsal

Unlike what most people expect, there are samgyupsal restaurants that can go for as low as P398. Samgyuptayo, a recently established Korean barbecue restaurant in Pasig, actually offers their unli meat meals from around P398 to P498. You can enjoy as much meat as you can on a very reasonably priced menu. In addition, they make sure to serve you beef, pork, and chicken of only the highest quality.

That’s why samgyupsal restaurants are among one of the very few food places you and your friends could indulge in without emptying your wallet.

Korean Style Dining Experience

Another good reason why samgyupsal place is a great hangout venue is the idea of diving into a Korean-style dining experience. It gives you a snippet of South Korea’s dining culture. It’s like an entry point for you to discover and find out more about the country’s identity.

In addition, if you’re an avid fan of Korean dramas or shows, you’ll have an actual experience of how your favorite Korean celebrity enjoyed samgyupsal. So it is really an eye-opening activity for you and your friends too.
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You Cook Your Own Food

Korean samgyupsal

The novelty of cooking your own food is another attractive point as to why a samgyupsal restaurant is a perfect place for you to hang out with friends. It doesn’t follow the usual idea of waitstaff serving you the food you’ve ordered instead you’ll cook it yourself. It’s a fun addition to make your get-togethers more interesting and interactive.

If you’re looking for a good place to have fun and be full with your friends or your family, visiting a Korean barbecue restaurant is a great option you can consider. It’s fresh, it’s unique, and totally delectable! So the next time you set a meet-up, heading off to a samgyupsal place is just a perfect idea.


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