4 Tips for Planning Smartphone Marketing Campaigns with SEO

4 Tips for Planning Smartphone Marketing Campaigns with SEO

Smartphone marketing is one of the best ways to increase your audience. You can use an SMS text blast campaign or SEO to hit everyone on your outreach list at once. The benefits of doing so far outweigh any potential risks. It’s one of the most efficient and inexpensive ways to drive traffic to your site. Here are 4 tips to use in your next text campaign.

1. Send a Text Alert to Get Their Attention

Text alerts are a great way to stir up attention in a hurry. Remember that most people are surfing the web via their cell phones. They do so largely to shop for the goods and services that interest them. Since they’re on their cell phone anyhow, why not take a few seconds to send an alert? You’re hitting them in their most receptive area.

Text alerts are very easy to put together. They only require a few seconds to set up. You then hit send, and thousands of people get the message simultaneously. You’re guaranteed a few sales if only a small amount clicks through to your site. Imagine how many you can rack up if you have a large enough outreach list. Your profit for the day will be huge.

SMS blast texting is the way to do business over the phone. You can’t get in trouble for it because you only send the texts to people who have already agreed to receive them. This frees you up from the hassle of having to answer for sending spam to people. Since they signed up to be on your list, they are fair game to hit with the occasional text.

2. Load Up Your Text with Prime SEO

Text messaging campaigns will succeed or fail based on much more than volume. It isn’t the frequency of your texts but the content that will really make the difference. The messages you send to the people on your outreach list must be peppered with new and fully relevant SEO.

3. Make Sure Your Marketing Plan is Cost Effective

Your next major concern will be ensuring that your plan is cost-effective. This is not an area where you can afford to make too many errors. You need to be sure that the plan you have signed up for will net you fast results at a price you can afford. It may be best not to commit to any deal beyond 6 months or a year.

As time passes and the plan you have committed to seems to bear fruit, you can consider renewing. In the meantime, pay attention to your bottom line. Keep an eye on outgoing costs about profits.

4. Don’t Message Your Customers Night and Day

Once you look at the amazing results that an SMS text campaign can bring, you may almost fall prey to temptation. Your first thought will likely be to increase the number of messages you send and their frequency. However, this will most likely prove to be a huge error. You don’t want to lose your welcome by sending too many blast texts.

It’s a good idea to gauge the response you get from your initial text campaigns to see how well they were received. Vary the times you send them out and see which gets the best response. You don’t want to send out texts when no one is in the mood for them. A bit of trial and error will be the key to your success.

It’s Time to Phone in Some Sales

Are you ready to text your way to some big bucks? Now is the time for you to get up to speed on text message marketing. Just a few minutes per day can give you a major return. All you need to do is write an effective SEO text message and send it out. A text blast campaign can propel you to a new level of recognition, authority, and profit.


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