5 Attractive Attributes that Make The Philippines the Best Outsourcing Destination

5 Attractive Attributes that Make The Philippines the Best Outsourcing Destination

Outsourcing is one of the most practical ways to improve cost efficiency. Global conglomerates are always looking for attractive outsourcing destinations to improve bottom lines. The Philippines is rapidly emerging as a global outsourcing hub with a whopping 30% growth during the past decade. The Philippines is a major outsourcing country in voice-oriented services because of a broad population base with an American accent.

The country’s outsourcing history dates back to 1992 when Accenture chose the Philippines as its offshoring destination. Today, the Philippines is one of the top outsourcing hubs, and there are some interesting reasons for this growth. There are over 2 million employees in outsourcing sectors such as customer service call centers, website design, and business process outsourcing.

1- Cost efficiency

Thanks to the lower cost of living than in most western countries, the companies enjoy cost efficiency while paying remunerations at competitive rates. The basic wages in the Philippines are way below the average salaries in western counties. These are among the lowest if you consider Asian nations such as India.


2- A cultural potpourri  

The Philippines is a remarkable mix of cultures because of the history of colonization by Spain, Japan, Mexico, and the US. Filipinos are a hardworking lot. It is a significant advantage for 

companies that are looking for after-hours services. The country brings together Western and Southeast Asia civilizations with distinct influences of Western culture on the young generations. Overseas company executives will find the atmosphere extremely agreeable because the citizens are friendly and easily adaptable to foreign cultures.

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3- Language Advantage

Being an English-speaking nation, you find that any Filipino with a moderate education can communicate fluently in English. There is no shortage of speaking and writing skills in the Philippines for the English language. You find that most BPO providers in the Philippines are serving companies from Australia, the US, and the UK. The country rates the highest among Southeast Asia nations in English proficiency.

4- Availability of highly employable workforce

Thanks to various initiatives by the Government of the Philippines, there is a huge pool of talented, hardworking, and resourceful employees just waiting to be hired. The Philippines generates almost half a million graduates in different streams of education annually. Several state-sponsored courses prepare the youth to take up jobs in call center customer service companies or IT service-providing organizations.

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5- Robust support of the Government

Outsourcing is the major economic driver of the Philippines. The Government understands this and offers an array of tax incentives and fast-paced sanctions. The policies of the Government are extremely flexible and supportive of offshore outsourcing companies.

To conclude

The Philippines is the most ideal country for setting up an offshore business venture. Whether you are looking forward to outsourcing your IT services like Web accessibility, the Philippines deserves to be on top of your wish list. The right kind of workforce, hospitable people, and the backing of the Government are only a few of the ingredients for the assured success of your Philippines outsourcing venture. Trust Alliance Global Solutions to be your consulting partner who has a vast pool of resources and expertise to establish your outsourcing venture in the Philippines. 

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