5 Outstanding Benefits of Mailchimp Integration with CRM

5 Outstanding Benefits of Mailchimp Integration with CRM

People always crave to get awesome Email Marketing software. You don’t need to search now because we are here to announce that “Mailchimp” is the biggest Marketing platform. An easier way to reach the target market. CRM businesses leverage this marketing software to perform their task for customers. So, we believe if it is integrated with the SugarCRM software then it can make your complicated work Easier. Without any spec of doubt, use the extension called CRM Mailchimp Integration for your CRM Business. What the Plugin is all about and what are its salient features?

About SugarCRM Mailchimp Integration Plugin

The Extension “Mailchimp SugarCRM” helps to start running email campaigns and managing customer information on one platform. The second platform gets updated automatically. It makes your Marketing much simpler because there is no need to handle both platforms at the same time. Drive your Business with uncomplicated methods, shop now for this advanced product to achieve the greatest results of your email marketing.

To understand this Rich add-on clearly, let us share an example:-

SugarCRM software for most businesses is exceptional for managing Customer information. You need to fret no longer about your data when you have SugarCRM. And for sharing Campaigns or Newsletters, Mailchimp is a dominant player of Marketing. We personally handle both to complete every operation smoothly. Both the platform’s updating manually may take a heap of time. Also, it is such tedious work that everyone feels like their productivity will decline.

Wherefore, we synced both SugarCRM and Mailchimp tools. You will get the key functionality of Real-time synchronization and bi-directional. Use SugarCRM for sending campaigns and managing customer information and Mailchimp will be updated automatically and vice-versa. You will get all primary functions that can increase the ROI and growth of your company.

Mailchimp is all about sharing an Email Campaign?

An email marketing tool that doesn’t spin out of control called Mailchimp is something unprecedented. It is not only advanced for sharing campaigns, but also compelling for creating landing pages, Google remarketing, Facebook advertisement, and more.

To ease your manual efforts, this powerful marketing software can now sync with multiple apps. Manage your Database by saving tons of time. Integration is Worthy! If Price matters the most then you can check out Mailchimp Pricing plans 2021. Every plan is affordable and suitable for all businesses in this age of digitalization.

Noteworthy functions of SugarCRM Mailchimp Plugin

Now you have an answer in your bucket about this plugin role for your business handling. Find out what more important functionalities it can provide to your business team.

  • Starting with the foremost function and that is synchronization in real-time. But if purchasing our extension you will get the options of sync like CRM to Mailchimp, Bi-directional sync, and Mailchimp to CRM. There will be no delay in updating any platform. Simple and paramount feature!
  • The second solid functionality of SugarCRM Mailchimp Integration is about selecting a CRM Module. There will be no restriction to choose the module. Sync the module according to your choice. Importantly, a user can sync various modules too.
  • We recommend to all to endeavor for this user-friendly add-on because of its stellar feature like “No duplicate record creation”. We will tell you how it will work- it scans the whole Database rapidly to tell you whether a record is created with the same email address or not. If there is no record then this plugin will create a new record for you in your CRM software.
  • What’s more this awesome plugin can sync? Are you curious to know more? If we get dozens of email Marketing readers here then let us inform you that the product can sync Tags, Subscriber lists, email campaigns, etc. An all-in-one email marketing product to help you to improve efficiency and productivity. In addition, you can add multiple Mailchimp accounts to your SugarCRM.
  • This uncomplicated product will also provide Email usage statistics. Stop buying such products which procrastinate to share email campaign stats. Everyone likes to know the customer’s response to the email they shared. Use our prominent plugin to get valuable insights such as bounce rate, unsubscribed, sent, clicked, and many more. It eliminates the Guesswork.

The way forward:

It’s a cakewalk task for several organizations to run email marketing and maintain every customer information promptly. Ultimately, you don’t need to manage multiple platforms for this. All you need is our latest extension that can fulfill your goals. Before you adopt you must be clear with all its key features that we mention above.

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