6 Starry Night Camping Spots Near Bangalore

6 Starry Night Camping Spots Near Bangalore

Wayanad Adventure Camp is located in Wayanad, Kerala.

Wayanad, perched on the southernmost tip of the Deccan Plateau, is 275 kilometers from Bangalore through Kozhikode. Wayanad’s evergreen woods are the most species-rich ecoregion in peninsular India, including 83 percent of the entire mountain range’s blooming plant species. The Elimbileri rainforest has a Jurassic Park-like feel to it. The thrill of being surrounded by thickets of forests and springs of water running into waterfalls with a pearl-like temperament. Both shiny and foamy are revealed during the off-road drive.

Wayanad is the greatest area to de-stress and spend quality time with your loved ones. As it is surrounded by a large expanse of lush landscapes, waterfalls, and dense clouds on the horizon. The campsite is in a beautiful setting, with thick canopy shade provided by dense trees. You’ll be treated to breathtaking views from the hilltops, as well as a variety of adventure sports such as rock climbing, commando nets, Burma Bridges, tyre walks, hammocks, and more. Indoor activities such as carrom board, ludo board, and badminton are also accessible. Book this adventure and you’ll get the chance to camp in a stunning setting. While participating in the thrilling activities included.


This famed coffee-producing hill station, located along the western ghats, is well-known for its jaw-droppingly beautiful scenery and wealth. This misty landscape has a rich culture and a unique indigenous clan – the Kodavas, who specialize in martial arts and are well-known for their hospitality.

This place is truly a fantastic holiday destination for anyone who needs a getaway from their daily 9-5 stressful existence, with its stunning mountains, a cascade of flowing streams, and an eye-feasting vista of the flora and animals. Coorg is widely regarded as the premier place for trekking and white water rafting, making it an ideal site for thrill-seekers.


Chikmagalur, with its lush green trees and majestic Mullayanagiri peaks, is one of the most popular destinations for trekkers, nature lovers, adventure seekers, and explorers. This captivating hill station offers not just temples and tourism, but also adventurous activities to satisfy your inner thrill-seeker. Remember to bring your camera so you may show off your photos on social media.


One of the main attractions that draw hundreds of thousands of city inhabitants to Bheemeshwari is the opportunity to cross the river in a primitive coracle. A fun-filled weekend in Bheemeshwari begins with camping in tents by the Cauvery River, a campfire at night, and spectacular sunrises on your morning jog or walk. Trek through neighboring forest stretches and uphill to the summits. Join a heart-pounding rafting trip and eat largely simple but wonderful meals prepared by locals in your camps. In their packages, these campgrounds include mosquito nets, cots, meals, and bathing facilities. 

Sleep in the open air, surrounded by the cocoon-quiet jungle and the flowing sound of the river. You can either depart the next day for your hectic city life or stay. Fill your Bheemeshwari notebook with further adventures. Dodging stones and surviving rapids in a single or two-seater kayak is not easy, but with a little practice, you can master it. Nearby attractions include Kokrebellur Pelicanry, gorgeous waterfalls such as Mekedatu, Gaganachukki, and Barachukki, and others that captivate the interest of visitors.


Dandeli is known for its trails and lush greenery. The charm of this place is mostly due to the challenging treks and natural splendor of the Western Ghats. The unspoiled green landscapes are home to a diverse array of vegetation and fauna. Apart from the exciting sports. There are various historical sites to visit, such as the Ulavi temple and the ancient caves of Kavala.

Dandeli offers a diverse range of activities.

Dandeli has a subtropical climate with the Western Ghats as a prominent impact. The temperature can range from 20 to 42 degrees Celsius. 

The hills of Nandi

The Nandi hills are a sanctuary for cyclists and trekkers, with magnificent scenery and high altitude. The summit of the hills will greet you with a plethora of monkeys, unusual birds, a diverse array of vegetation, and more. You may not only tour the hills. But with so many facilities in the area, you can also spend the night amidst the natural wonders. This hill station is ideal for a long-overdue family vacation, first date, weekend with friends, or just a lonely getaway to revitalize your soul, thanks to all of nature’s stunning treasures and breathtaking scenery.

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