A parasailing-the perfect thrill for your weekend

A parasailing-the perfect thrill for your weekend


For a thrilling weekend or vacation, there are hundreds of tourist destinations for adventurers and people who wish to experience challenges and danger. From North to South, innumerable sports and sites are available at any time of the year with all the safety norms whatsoever. Now, for the Parasailing lovers here we have some of the perfect places for this sport. 

Many destinations are famous for this thrilling sport combined with other jaw-dropping activities or sports. The highest elevated regions of North India and the coastal areas of the Indian sub-continent are at the top of the list of adventure or thrill-seekers. Call it a water sport or an air sport, Parasailing is an adventure sport loved by all at every time of the year. 

Here we have some top listed destinations known for the perfect thrill for your weekend with parasailing.

Parasailing in North India

Famous places: Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Ladakh, Jammu, and Kashmir

Best time to visit: March to October

Many daredevils adore the high Himalayan ranges of North India for breathtaking views and challenging activities. The sky-touching ranges of North India are known for many activities including Parasailing. Training schools and professionals are also found in many locations. Himachal Pradesh is among the top-visited destination for adventure and why miss it for the thrilling Parasailing. Uttarakhand being next in line is full of places for multiple tourist destinations that are perfectly suitable for Parasailing. 

Parasailing in Rajasthan  

Famous places: Jaisalmer, Jaipur, Jodhpur, and Udaipur

Best time to visit: September to February

Ride the parachute pulled by jeep or sports car and experience a bird-eye view of the elegant landscapes of Rajasthan. Capture the wonders of Rajasthan in the panoramic desert with all the trained professionals. A rare experience of parasailing in Rajasthan is unforgettable. The time provided for this amazing activity is just 30 minutes but will be in my memory for life. Plan a long vacation in Rajasthan and take a glimpse of all the heritage stored here.  

Parasailing in Goa

Famous places: Mobor beach, Baga Beach, Candolim beach, Arjuna Beach, and beaches in North Goa

Best time to visit: October to June 

For sure the top favorite destination for any occasion at any time of the year is Goa. Divided into North and South Goa, one will never run out of activities to do here. Parasailing is one of the most popular adventure and water sports in Goa. Winch boat parasailing is one of the unique types of Parasailing which can only be experienced here. The thrilling weekend can be the introduction product of Goa. The alive and vibrant vibes of Goa attract many tourists from all corners of the world. The diverse opportunity of several water sports is what makes Goa at the top list of any tourist’s weekend list. Kamshet and Panchmarhi are the nearby destinations as well. 

Parasailing in South

Famous places: Kovalam beach, Varkala beach, Yelagiri, and many more

Best time visit: October to March

The coastal area in the sub-continental region of Southern India is known for its beauty, cleanliness, and also many types of sports. Parasailing, bamboo rafting, river rafting, kayaking, canoeing, and water skiing are some of the popular water sports in the South. Kerala among other states is a highly populated destination for many reasons. Adventure sports like Parasailing are newly added to the list of daredevils.  The panoramic view of the Arabian sea and the thrilling sports add a spark to the vacation of the tourists. The towns of Tamil Nadu famous for adventure sports and leisure activities are also known for several exciting activities including parasailing. 

Parasailing in East

Famous places: Gangtok and Shillong

Best time to visit: September to May

The getaway to Heaven, Northeastern state of Sikkim is also a surprise getaway for the adventure seekers. Available for all types of adventure seekers at low as well as high elevated altitudes. A flight for a maximum time of 30 minutes, Gangtok is the view worth remembering. The scenic beauty of the high mountain ranges and valleys will take your breath away. The green hills of Meghalaya are also filled with trained professionals for the ride of Parasailing for freshers and all. 

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