Aaron Dungca – A Physical Education Instructor with Incredible Skills

Aaron Dungca – A Physical Education Instructor with Incredible Skills

Behind every successful person in any profession, willpower and hard work are some aspects that help. Likewise, Aaron Dungca is a physical education instructor who has worked in the field for 10 years. Now he has become a perceived name in different fields! He says enthusiasm and hard work are key components that play a vital role in finding outstanding opportunities in any field or profession.

Journey of becoming a successful

His journey of becoming a successful person started in the year 2010. First, he began to work as a Health and Physical Education Teacher at Randolph High School. Then, after serving there for more than 3+ years, he started to serve as Adjunct Physical Education Teacher at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In this position, he was responsible for executing diverse crisis actual schooling courses for students in extreme need of instruction credits to graduates. In addition, he effectively oversaw and arranged resources, subsidizing, and course coordination with partners to ensure top-tier program conveyance.

Work as an Operations Manager

In 2015, Aaron Dungca started to work as an Operations Manager. As an operational manager, he worked hard to reach new heights in his profession. Here he was responsible for planning more than 500 week-by-week visitor reservations through Kronos retail location applications for this local area kayak and boat rental organization. Additionally, he guaranteed great and capable staffing; hence, he hired new staff individuals identifying their skills and capabilities. Further, he ensured reasonable instalments by aiding the investigation of wrong representative timesheets.

Content marketing associate at New England

Later in the year 2018, he started to fill in as a content marketing associate at New England Aquatic Landscaping. In this profession, he was liable for the administration of customer requests on administration executions, project expectations, merchant evaluation, and conveyances. Along with that, he also fills in as an innovation partner. Where he was responsible for innovation acquiring and friends incorporation measures. By conducting organization security conferences to further develop customer insurance and advance representative correspondence.

Finally, Aaron Dungca garnered immense expertise in different fields during the past decade. Due to his vast experience, and profound knowledge, he gained recognition nationally. Now he is enjoying an important position in the respective field attributed to his determination and utmost zeal to make things productive and useful. Moreover, he leveraged his passion for achieving something unique in life has also helped him a lot!


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