Automated Material Handling Equipment:

Automated Material Handling Equipment:

Goods To Person vs Person To Goods 

Automation in material handling systems is becoming a new normal with the advancements in robotics technology. However, the traditional methods of picking and packing goods are losing track. Automated Material because such processes are tedious and prone to error. 

Revolutionary artificial intelligence and robotics technology allow pickers to not walk unnecessarily with the warehouse premises. Pickers no longer need to travel to every stock-keeping unit (SKUs). But instead, a goods-to-person(GTP) system can bring goods to the picker.  

There are always advantages and disadvantages to every picking method. First, let’s look at the equipment that allows each type of picking practice. 

Person to Goods 

It is an inappropriate traditional picking method in this modern tech-oriented world. Instead, pickers carry out order fulfilment that travels around the warehouse, going one by one to the product. It is inefficient for pickers as they spend most of their time walking around the warehouse. Warehouse managers can built-in other picking strategies to minimize walking time, including batch and wave picking. Still, operatives spend approximately 60% of their time walking within the warehouse premises. Warehouse automation consultants also suggest using other strategies to improve the warehouse’s accuracy, productivity, and sustainability. 

The equipment required for person-to-good picking is low. Manual pickers use trolleys or carts. They also use forklift trucks where goods are heavier or more extensive. Several operations will utilize handheld RF devices to scan selected items. Voice-directed picking or picking to light helps to reduce the incidence of mispicks. 

Goods to Person 

The goods-to-person system, also called the goods-to-picker system, allows warehouse operatives to remain at a particular station and bring items. Warehouse workers can effectively control the machinery using a warehouse control system (WCS) to automate the picking process, bringing goods directly to the operatives.  

Warehouse management system automation eases the warehouse workers’ jobs as it comes to different configurations such as: 

  • Robots (floor robots, robotic shuttles) 
  • Vertical lift modules (VLMs) 
  • Automated conveyors 
  • Horizontal conveyors 
  • Horizontal carousels 
  • Vertical carousels 
  • Put wall (hybrid solution) 

Which One is Best? 

A distributor must always select the best order fulfilment strategy for their operation. Business owners do not need to invest in expensive equipment, technology, or robotics to drive them. Person-to-goods are less efficient if you have a large warehouse, an abundance of stock-keeping (SKUs), and tight order fulfilment windows. High-density storage and investment in automated equipment such as carousels, automated conveyors, and robotics are the main steps in the current complex eCommerce operations. 

Are you looking for a Goods to person (GTP) system?  

McCombs-Wall Inc. Engineering solutions provide ideMaterialial handling systems and technologies across the United States of America. It is an innovative single-source provider of automatMaterialial handling equipment to improve the sustainability and profitability of the supply chain. Considering the pace at which the new market of energetic companies is growing. Such evolution offers a fantastic opportunity for motivated and talented individuals for career and growth advancements working in a challenging, dynamic, and creative work environment.  

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Here are the partner companies to which they install and resell: 

  • Lightning Pack 
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  • TGW
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Moreover, here are the technology companies. Which they usually integrate but do not resell. 

  • SICK 
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So don’t waste your time wondering and consider MWI solutions as a potential partner for your subsequent warehousing and automated solutions. Let them decide what is appropriate for you today! 


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