Best Indie Movies You Need to Watch At least Once!

Best Indie Movies You Need to Watch At least Once!

Indie movies have been around for some time now, and to be honest, most of them are quite interesting and fun to watch. They became hugely popular during the nineties when production houses of Indie Movies and artists were both experimenting with the genre. If you visit any top actor’s or an emerging actress’s IMDB profile, you may come across a string of independent/indie movies in their repertoire. These Indie Movies are consider almost sacre to any artist for they provide abundant opportunities that can help a young performing indie movies artist grow.

It is within these indie feature films that one comes across the many, who may later go on to dominate the movie industry. And have a career chart like Matt Damon’s or become the next Reese Witherspoon. Kristen Stewart-kind of stars uses the indie movie genre to their benefit; to experiment with their craft as it provides an exceptional ground for creativity and innovation.

So read on and find out some of the best indie feature films that made it big without the lavish budgets or grand players. And instead, left audiences with memorable takeaways, making one forget that the product was an independent project, aiming at a smaller, niche audience.

The Big Sick

Genre(s): Independent, Drama, Romantic Comedy

Released: 2017

Synopsis: Kumail Nanjiani is a Pakistani-American, trying to make a career as a stand-up comic in Chicago city, where he hangs out with other struggling comedians. Wanting to make a breakthrough in the industry like the many other comics, Kumail wants to impress the recruiter responsible for the lineup at the Montreal Comedy Festival, Bob Dalavan. Kumail also drives Uber to make ends meet. His family, however, still holds onto their cultural and religious beliefs, even after their relocation to the U.S.

That’s why, to keep peace in the house and his parents happy, Kumail does not reveal his dream to be a stand-up comic nor that he drives Uber. Instead, he lies that he is studying for the LSAT so that he can get into law school. Meanwhile, he regularly attends family dinners at his parents’ house and also meets potential brides, who are invite for him to select one for marriage.

Even though he does not intend to get marry to any one of these girls. And he continues to meet them under his parents’ supervision, just to keep them happy. Though he has told his parents that he wants to marry for love and not go for an arrange union, this is even more difficult as his brother and his sister-in-law’s marriage was arrange as well, and they now live happily with everyone.

However, love is not far away. For at one of the shows, he is heckled by a girl in the audience, a grad student, Emily Gardner. Even though both are not looking for something serious, they begin a relationship of sorts, which gets serious. And especially when Emily is hospitalized with a mysterious disease, that puts her in a medically-induced coma.

Kumail has no choice but to call up Emily’s parents and make them aware of her situation. Will Kumail finally be able to let go of the lies and accept his true feelings for Emily or simply let her go? Will he be able to figure out what he really wants? Download The Big Sick or stream it online to find out what happens next.

The Social Network

Genre(s): Indie, Drama

Released: 2010

The Social Network shows the journey of Mark Zuckerberg, owner/creator of the social network we know as Facebook today. and within six years making Zuckerberg one of the youngest billionaires in the world. Unfortunately, he soon finds that with unmatch the success comes a whole lot of personal follows by legal difficulties, which seem to complicate matters even more.

Inspire by the book, ‘The Accidental Billionaires’, the movie has an ensemble cast that is meant to give it the ‘indie feel’ once associate with the social media network in its days of infancy. While this is a good film, bordering on great, it still seems amiss.

Although one will find the leads playing their characters with full ferocity. And the audiences will get a glimpse at the man Eisenberg portrays, whose responsible for such social upheaval. Nonetheless, the muted energy that continues to stimulate audiences intertwine with the prose by Aaron Sorkin should not be miss.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Genre(s): Independent Romantic Comedy, Comedy of Manners, Drama

Released: 2002

Synopsis: ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’ opens with the middle-class Toula Portokalos pick up by her loving yet controlling father. Toula is an unmarried 30-year-old, old enough for any Greek girl to remain unmarried. And is still employee at her family restaurant in Chicago, ‘Dancing Zorbas’. Her family, particularly her father Gus, just wants her to get married to a nice and decent Greek boy.

But Toula wants more from her life rather than just waiting tables at the family restaurant or getting marry. She confesses her dreams to her mother, who convinces her husband to let Toula take computer classes. Making it look as if it is his idea, Gus initially reluctant, agrees to the extra classes.

Once her classes are complete, she starts working at her aunt’s travel agency. And again making it look like it was her father’s idea. With the new skill set and a terrific new job in her hand, Toula no longer feels caged. Instead, the change puts a positive spin on her life. It is here at the travel agency that she meets Ian Miller. And who comes from an upper-middle-class family and is a high school English teacher.

Even though ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’ was a sleeper hit. And this lovable movie receive positive reviews from audiences and critics alike. It reminds one of the real people and not the Hollywood version. For there is nothing fancy but just the craziness of a loud yet large family, that often gets together. And loves one another in their peculiar way.

The best part is that the movie was nominate for the ‘Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay at the 75th Academy Awards. And further evolving into a successful franchise. And which inspire a sequel to the original movie along with a TV series, that was short-lived. This is one movie, which should be watch once. Why not check out if the movie title is available on Select TV, which offers terrific monthly plans, HD quality video, and glitch-free streaming, all under a decent price.

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Wrapping Up

While indie films have challenge their mainstream counterparts with more effective. And nuance film pieces, this is no longer consider a genre. But an attitude, a perspective of a filmmaker. And his creative team, in which the artists have plenty of freedom without worrying about interference from the big studios.

While most of these indie films have become household names. And this genre has further flourish the due to the digital growth of the medium. For now, simply enjoy these films for they hold a different flavor of cinema!


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