Bike handlebars; how it attracts you to your riding!

Bike handlebars; how it attracts you to your riding!

What are Bike handlebars?

Bike Handlebars are what they’re called, responsible for the vehicle’s control and work as the main mediator between you and the bike. The handlebars are also renowned for supporting your weight when riding and guiding the motorcycle. Handlebars also serve as a mounting point for various controls like lighting, indicator, horn, toggle switches, accessories like mobile holders, auxiliary lights, etc.

Bike’s handlebars serve a specific purpose and come in various forms and sizes. This is because the geometry of a handlebar determines the rider’s posture and the motorcycle’s handling dynamics. Having handlebars adds to the motorcycle’s appeal. This post will look at the variety of motorbike handlebars and their functions.

To manage your vehicle properly and ride comfortably, it’s important to know about your bike handlebars, what they do, and how they work. While there are several bike handlebars, the four most common are flat, riser, drop, and bullhorn handlebars. Each has its design and purpose, but the primary difference is the position they put you in on the bike – which can greatly impact your riding experience.

Key Elements of Bike Handlebars

There are many different bike handlebars, each with its purpose. For example, cross-country bikes often have flat bars for a more upright position, while mountain bikes usually have riser bars to give the rider more control. Additionally, the clamp diameter and type of bike will also affect the type of handlebar you need. For instance, road bikes typically have drop bars, while mountain bikes may have a riser bar.

Bike handlebars types

This article was prepared with the intention of guiding you about the many types of handlebars that are often used in handlebars-

1- Flat Handlebars

These are commonly encountered with a basic, virtually straight tube. Most bends lean slightly towards the rider, ranging from 2 to 10 degrees. Sweep refers to the angle at which a bar bends rearward. Flat bars are offered in various sizes, with the standard couple measuring around 580-600 mm in width.

2- Handlebars That Drop

Drop handlebars are defined as handlebars with a flat middle portion where the bars are connected to the stem. Its extremities of the bars are curled forward, downward, and afterward back towards the rider. These are the most common styles of bike handlebars that have been making a comeback on the marketplace nowadays. This is frequently seen on road bikes, racing bikes, and even other off-road bikes.

3- Handlebars for Bullhorns

Bullhorn bars are handlebars curled in the front and situated at the ends. The structure here is a kind of U shape, which is how it acquired its titles. Such handlebars were initially designed for track racing, but they are now widely only used for fixed gear, single-speed, and urban commuter cycles.

These dip down from much of the center and then curve outwards, rising at the ends like bullhorn bars. This handlebar lets you ride in a more muscular and aerodynamic posture.

4- Handlebars for Mustaches

Mustache handlebars start curling from the saddle but bend rearward in the motorist’s position. The bar’s extremities are somewhat lowered, giving the rider a more aero posture. These are discovered with the appearance of drop bars. The brake levers and shifters on mustache bars are like on drop handlebars. Such handlebars have been proven to work with either inbuilt or bar-end levers.

5- Bars with a capital H

The only handlebars that come in a range of styles are H bars. The sweepback at a 45-degree angle is the key feature that distinguishes these handlebars from other designs. In addition, the majority of the models include a distinctive loop design in the middle, as well as a 0.5-inch raise.

6- Z-Bar

This is the handlebar you’ll find on most Indian budget motorcycles. It features a rise on both ends that points outward. The main rationale for its usage on budget bikes is that it provides the user with a comfortable riding posture while giving enough steering input. On cruiser bikes, it’s also utilized by custom motorcycle shops to elevate the handlebar over the motorbike’s height.

Top 5 Benefits Of Bike Handlebars

1. The bars are designed to be comfortable for long distances.

2. Aero bars can help you go faster.

3. Dropped handlebars give you more control.

4. Riser handlebars are more comfortable for some people.

5. Carbon fiber bars are lighter and stronger than other materials.

Things To Look For While Buying A Bicycle Handles

It would be best to keep a few things in mind while purchasing bicycle handlebars. Firstly, consider what type of riding you’ll be doing, as this will influence the kind of handlebar you’ll need. For example, if you’re planning on mountain biking, you’ll need a sturdier bike bar that can endure more wear and tear. Secondly, think about your personal preference and what feels comfortable for you. For example, some people prefer wider handlebars while others like narrower ones.

Ways To Maintain The Bicycle Handles

Three different hand positions can be used when riding a bicycle. The first is called the drop position. This is when the hands are gripping the bottom of the handlebars. The second position is called the hood position. This is when the hands are gripping the top of the brake levers. The third position is called the top position. This is when the hands are gripping the very top of the handlebars. Each of these positions has its advantages and disadvantages.

Tips On Choosing The Right Bicycle Handles

When you’re choosing a new set of handlebars for your bike, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind:

  1. Think about the width of the bars. You’ll want to choose a width that’s comfortable for you and gives you good bike control.
  2. Consider the material the bars are made from. Aluminum is a popular choice because it’s lightweight and strong.
  3. Think about the style of the bars.

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This article will guide you if you want to make your bike attractive with a better handlebar. In this article, an attempt has been made to clear all the doubts related to the handlebar so you can enjoy your riding. In this article, we have seen how bike handlebars are useful for us, which should be chosen very carefully, which is also important. Carbis is also known for having the best Bike handlebars and auto parts store on the internet.


Whether a seasoned cyclist or a beginner, everyone can agree that the handlebars are the most important part of the bike. They’re what keep you stable and in control while riding. But beyond that, they can also be a huge factor in comfort and style. So if you’re looking for a new set of handlebars or just trying to figure out what kind of bike to buy, here are a few things to keep in mind.


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