Decoding the Toppers’ CA Foundation Exam Preparation Strategy of June 2022

Decoding the Toppers’ CA Foundation Exam Preparation Strategy of June 2022

The ICAI conducts CA Foundation Exam annually, in May/June and November/December. Each student aspires to pass CA Foundation on their first try and get good scores.

However, various disturbances and poor time management might make it difficult for students to clear the CA foundation exam paper in a single attempt. Further, they lack the proper CA Foundation Preparation strategy. Nonetheless, students can fulfill their dream of being a CA with the right direction, attitude, and study material.

Additionally, the Foundation examination is necessary and the first step for anyone interested in this lucrative and prestigious career option. Following this examination, students have to clear the Inter & Final exams.

VSI Jaipur brings the topper’s sure-shot strategy for CA foundation exam preparation that helped them to achieve exceptional CA Foundation Result 2022. So, let us look at the tips and strategies of the CA Foundation Toppers that might help all other CA aspirants.

VSI Toppers Strategy to Prepare for CA Foundation Exam

1. Have a Clear Plan

So the first CA foundation exam preparation strategy is to have a clear plan. A goal without a plan is nothing more than a desire. Planning was a consistent response from all CA Foundation toppers when asked what helped them score high. Students replied that they had a daily study timetable for CA Foundation and a weekly checklist to track their progress.

Further, students religiously followed the timetable. So this helped them to finish the entire CA syllabus on time, allot time for revision, and set time for attempting mock tests. Strategic planning assists you in enhancing results and making better use of your time. Further, it gives you a clear image of where you stand, allowing you to structure your study correctly.

2. Understanding the CA Foundation Exam Pattern and Mark Distribution

So this is among the most essential CA foundation exam tips for all aspirants. Without a strong grasp of the CA Foundation exam pattern and mark distribution, you can’t understand what to cover, how to cover, and which subjects to give more attention to and practice. For instance, Paper 3 and Paper 4 are objective-based, so you need to strategize accordingly and prepare yourself for attempting such questions in two hours.

3. Inquisitive and Eager Mindset

A CA applicant must possess a questioning attitude. This inclination toward study enables them to go more deeply into topics, not just to pose questions about those concepts but also to discover solutions to those questions.

A mindset like this enables a student to approach the extensive curriculum in the most flexible way possible. Because the questions are application based, a student needs to have a questioning mindset. Further, they must have broad thinking ability and understand the reasons behind everything and avoid mere rote learning.

4. Choosing the Study Materials Wisely

The next preparation tip for the CA Foundation exam is choosing your study materials wisely. Students often make the mistake of purchasing several books and end up in a mess. Hence, avoid investing in numerous books. Instead, stick to the ICAI’s material, follow the coaching’s study material, and look at the previous year’s question papers. These study materials are more than enough for your preparation.

5. Practice Mock Tests

Another common response by all the CA Foundation toppers was practicing mock test papers. Given the lengthy nature of the question papers, time management will become crucial to passing the CA Foundation exam. Due to lack of practice, students lose marks since they cannot finish the whole paper. Practicing with mock exams aids with time management. Further, it provides an approximate estimate of how much time you should dedicate to each question.

Some students completed 3-4 mock tests of each subject during their four-month CA Foundation Preparation. Moreover, the more mock tests you appear, the better your self-confidence will be, keeping you from being demotivated and stressed.

6. Multiple Revisions of the CA Foundation Syllabus

The CA Foundation syllabus is so extensive that it is impossible to recall everything without continuous revision. According to toppers, they always tried to review everything covered in the class every day. They also recommended sticking to a single set of notes when revising since using many resources for revision might confuse. Additionally, students must develop the habit of preparing their notes so that it will help them in last-minute revisions.

7. Take Breaks and Take Proper Care of your Health

It is tiring to study for lengthy periods. Hence, students must get sufficient rest, eat well, and devote their attention only to essential tasks. Avoid extending your breaks. Take regular intervals, but always return to your studies on time.

Should you Join CA Foundation Coaching?

During the CA Foundation exam preparation, the most common concern among the CA aspirants is whether to join CA coaching for the foundation. Clearing the CA foundation exam is possible without coaching and also, and some students manage to get passing marks. However, this isn’t the right approach. Students must aim to clear the fundamentals from the beginning to clear the following CA levels.

CA aspirants must remember that teachers have a crucial impact on a student’s performance or failure. Merely passing the CA foundation and having no concept clearance will make it challenging for students to understand the concepts of CA Inter and Final subjects. Further, they may struggle to make the basic entries and other things. Hence, the CA coaching will cover everything from the basics that will make your preparation stronger.


CA is one of the most in-demand professions in the nation. A well-planned strategy and study timetable for the CA Foundation exam are essential for passing the examination. Additionally, clearing CA exams needs a systematic and disciplined approach.

Ensure that you have breaks and flexibility in your schedule. Rigorous studies and strict timetables won’t do any good. However, ensure that you always get back to your studies after taking breaks. With proper coaching and guidance, everything will fall in place and you will be more organized since you will have the appropriate direction. With VSI Jaipur, you can realize your dream of being a CA.


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