Common B2B Challenges and How To Solve Them

Common B2B Challenges and How To Solve Them

Really? No one else is having this problem?

It’s a common refrain heard from B2B marketers across the world. You know you should be harnessing social media, blogging, and content marketing to help drive. Your business forward but for some reason, despite all the best intentions in the world, it’s just not happening…

Social Media ROI

If you want to use social media effectively as part of your business marketing strategy. Then you need to be prepared to commit resources and put serious time into it. Social media channels are designed for people, not robots. So if you are looking kn95 mask importer at Twitter data, YouTube analytics. Or the results of a Facebook campaign take the time to think about what. Those stats really mean rather than just collecting them because ‘everyone else is doing it.

The ROI on traditional methods of B2B marketing has declined significantly in recent years. Which has forced marketers outwards to look for new ways to reach their audiences. The sheer volume of content being generated online every minute makes creating that all-important first impression is extremely difficult. To stand out from the crowd you need strong creative ideas. That will engage your audience and make them want to act; whether that’s clicking through to your website, downloading a white paper, or signing up for more information.

B2B Content Marketing

The biggest mistake businesses make with their content marketing is failing to create. It is around the customers’ needs but rather trying to tell them what they should be looking for. Identifying the problems you are able to solve before embarking on your B2B content marketing strategy will allow. You to focus your efforts on the areas that are going to have the most impact.

SEO For B2B Websites

While search engine optimization has never been more important, merely having a business website online isn’t enough. Many companies are still struggling with getting their SEO basics right.

Social Media Strategy For Businesses

Once you’ve worked out your B2B marketing objectives, creating a social media strategy is about understanding the different types of social networks available and deciding which ones are going to be most effective for your business at each stage of the buyer’s journey. Getting this wrong could do serious damage to your brand so if you’re not sure how best to use social media as part of your B2B digital marketing mix consider working with an experienced digital agency that can help you implement an online lead generation plan that works.


So that’s it then? If even that big powerful consumer Internet company is struggling how are we ever going to make progress?

Actually, we’re only just getting started. The Internet is a big place and in many ways, that’s its problem; it’s too easy for things to get lost. That might sound like an odd thing to say when there are more than 1 billion active websites online but remember when you search Google you’re typically looking for something specific so the chances of your website appearing when someone searches on ‘business marketing ideas’ or ‘tips about increasing sales’ are very slim indeed. Also, you need to keep in mind that unless the webmaster has done their job properly your site won’t appear at all!

If you’re struggling with B2B marketing then we’d love to help. You specialize in digital strategy and creative design and offer a free consultation service to new and prospective clients. We can discuss your challenges, show you some ideas for generating more B2B sales leads and help you create a winning online marketing plan that works!

You might as well all give up now?

Finding your website on page 25 of Google isn’t difficult but if that’s where prospects expect to find you then they’re never going to give you a first look and why should they? What reason do they have to believe that the business on page 25 is any good at marketing or has anything useful to say about lead generation? Show them what makes your business different; tell them how your products or services are going to benefit them; convince them that you offer something special… And above all else make it easy for people who are interested in what you have to say to find you. 

Working out what your audience needs before you start creating content is vitally important if you want to achieve marketing success online. Your first steps should be about defining the problems that are stopping your audience from reaching their full potential and developing a strategy of how best to solve those challenges.

For example, analysis by Marketing Sherpa has shown that 45% of people are likely to buy more from companies they believe provide educational material. By identifying this as an issue for some of your top prospects you can develop a content marketing plan focused on delivering high-quality information via blogs.

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