Everything You Should Know About Wall Tapestries

Everything You Should Know About Wall Tapestries


The people who want to design their home differently and more beautifully without damaging the walls, the question here arises is, whether the people are staying in a rented house or not if it is rented and the owner of the house does not allow damaging any part of the room, then here is the best solution for all, that is a wall tapestry, which is beautiful and very attractive. And also can find out what the usage of wall tapestry is and where to hang them up on the walls of the rooms.

What is basically a wall tapestry?

A tapestry is a form of fabric architecture that was originally knitted by hand with the help of weaving yarns but after the establishment of the manufacturing companies and corporations, they became machine-made. It is also called fiber-loaded, the reason behind its rare kind of crafts unlike the classical fabrics craft and tapestry crafts commonly requires a thread.

So many people do not want the walls of the rooms to be empty, they want the home to be decorative with more innovative thoughts. Those kinds of people can definitely go for wall tapestry to stop seeing the common white walls which give an attraction to the home. This wall tapestry helps in refreshing the thoughts of a person. For an example, if the people are sports lovers like one the sport riding on the surface of the water on a surfboard they can go for the tapestry will have feature waves and tides and stick them on the walls of the personal room so that it will memorize the sweet memories of past days of surfing.

Where to hang or where is the best place to hang?

Wall tapestries are especially wide-ranged and people can place them at any place in their home wherever they want to hang. Everyone whose thoughts are innovative in nature and they want their surroundings to be more creative then they can go for some dynamic tapestries and hang them on the backside wall of their bed. If the people want their room to be more informational then they can hang the tapestries which are meaningful to their study room. There are so many options for hanging the tapestries on the walls according to the tastes of the people, like getting bored of watching the white walls daily then hanging some excited tapestries which attract the walls of the living room.

How to hang up the wall tapestry in the designated place? 

There are various thoughts of hanging up wall tapestries some of them include, a method of using nails that can be used for both built-in circles and other tapestries which can stick to those nails on the wall and fit the circle right into the nails. But if the people are staying in the rented homes they are not allowed to drill any holes or not have the authority to damage the walls of the room, there is another name as picture hanging strips is the best option for hanging the tapestries.

Picture hanging strips will not damage the walls of the room as they consist of two strips of thin plastic; one is covered with tiny loops and the other with flexible hooks which are super sticky. This pack will come with two sets as one can stick to the wall and the other on the backside of the tapestry. And the other method includes a damage-free hook.

In this method, a damage-free hook needs to create a knot to the tapestry. Each kit comes with two hooks and two sticky strips. It is easy to apply one strip on the backside of hooks and then it can stick to the wall. Then hang the tapestry with the help of those hooks, it will give a beautiful presence to the room.

How can one care about the tapestry?

Tapestry becomes dirty with dust or become unpleasant at times, for cleaning it can go for light washing of tapestry or can clean with the vacuum cleaner or can go for the dry cleaning, with the people who are having a good experience of cleaning the tapestries, for twice in a year, which will clean the tapestry efficiently. It will make the tapestry clean simply and easily.

Any other uses of wall tapestry?

Wall tapestries are not only used as wall tapestries it can be used in multiple ways like nice table cloth for the study table. It can also be used as picnic sheets that can be carried to the beaches and any other places for the purpose of flooring. It can also be used as a dining table sheet, the designs present may match the dishes.

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