Features of the helium 10, how it is beneficial for your business

Features of the helium 10, how it is beneficial for your business

Do you want to know about helium 10? It is the leading all-inclusive amazon seller tool. It has come with broad features. Helium 10, an amazon seller tool, is designed in such a way that it helps you in product research, keyword research, and listing optimization.

Also, this tool assists your business in daily operations and business analytics. The best thing is that amazon helium 10 comes with web-based software tools and the chrome extension.

In this article, we are going to tell you about its features

Features of Helium 10 tool

It is worth it for the business if you use it to your business correctly. Further, we will break down all the features that make the best work of it in the business.

  1. Product research tools

Product research tools are available there that help Amazon sellers find relevant products. Once amazon sellers use this tool and find products that have the possibilities to rank at the top of the Google page, then users will easily find their products and buy them directly.

In simple words, product research tools help Amazon sellers to research valuable products.

  • Chrome extension

If you want to research a product through the browser, use the chrome extension. Using the chrome extension, you can easily find the products over the database of the million products.

  • Black box

The black box is another product research tool. You can easily use this Best tool directly from Helium 10. It has many advanced filters that you can use to filter the best products among the available ones.

The interface of this tool is easy to use. You can use the filters such as the monthly revenues, review rating, review count, price etc.

  • Trends

This is considered the most excellent feature of the helium 10; it helps you to find trendy products to sell on Amazon.

  • My list

In my list, you can easily add the product for later. After adding the products, you can see the different data metrics such as sellers, price, monthly sales, monthly revenues, etc.

  1. Keyword research tools

The keyword research tools of helium 10 help you to carry the keyword research easily. For the keyword research, it provides different features such as the Cerebro, magnet, and misspelling.

  1. Listing optimization

The listing optimization tool helps you to optimize the listing of products on Helium 10. Some tools are available for listing optimization, such as the Frankenstein, scribbles, index checker, listing analyzer, etc.

  1. Operations

The operations features provide access to many tools and help you manage the listings easily. In this, the inventory management tools help you to manage the inventory efficiently.


This article is based upon the features of the helium 10 tools. You also get the details on the different tools of the helium 10.


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