Geography and its Importance

Geography and its Importance

Geography is one of the major branches of social sciences. The subject involves the study of the physical aspects of the world. Geography studies the formation and development of the universe. How the galaxy was formed? How the formation of the earth and the continents took place, and how life forms developed on earth?

Our universe was not developed in a day. It took several years to be formed and take shape as we see it today. The study of such aspects helps in a better understanding of concepts by the students. Which provides them assignment help in geography. 

The importance of Geography is:

  • First and foremost, it acquaints us with the world around us. We get a definite understanding of what we have around us.
  • Students get to know about the various factors that affect the life form on earth. How did these life forms come into existence? How they share a relationship with the other components of the universe, all this is studied in the subject.

 For example, if we study mountains, then we take them into consideration. What led to the development of these physical features on earth? What materials are they made of? Why do they differ in size and shape? How do they help the region they are located in, that is, what is their importance.

The same way we study the other components of the universe as well. 

  • While we study geography, we try to understand the flora and fauna around the world. The species that live around us are studied about in the subject. 
  • We also get to know about the working of the various physical phenomenon around us. For example, how does water cycle facilitate the proper functioning of the environment. How the ocean currents formed and how do they benefit us and how do the various movements of the earth affect the weather and climatic patterns. 
  • Once we learn about the various factors that affect the weather and climatic conditions around us, we get an idea about the disasters that can be caused due to the functioning of these climatic factors and thus we can timely manage these disasters and save the lives of millions. 
  • If we know the geography of a place, we can understand the location of the place. This helps us easily locate the place and even reach them. 
  • The study of the latitudes and longitudes helps us easily understand the time patterns and time difference of the place. 

The understanding of this concept is important especially when students are working on calculating time with the help of this concept.

A better understanding of it can offer them help in the homework of geography. 

  • We understand how geography of the past has affected the geography of the present and in turn supported life on earth.
  • The study of the solar system in geography gives us an idea about the formation of various galaxies and study about the various planets in our milky way galaxy.

 There are several other celestial bodies in our solar system that we study in this subject.

These bodies have a direct and an indirect impact on the earth as well.

  • Thereafter we study about the various phenomenon that impact the temperature of the earth, like greenhouse effect and global warming. This helps us understand the reason for this rise in the earth’s temperature and formulate ways to reduce the same.
  • In geography we study about the various water bodies and the sea organisms that live inside it. We study what helps these organisms survive into that particular environment.
  • A study of the various soils helps us understand their suitability for the growth of various crops in them. This helps in conducting further research into the agricultural field thus resulting into a better economy of a country.
  • The study of the various layers of the atmosphere helps us to understand the placement of various satellites into these layers. That facilitate a better connectivity around the world and a development in science and technology. 
  • Political geography gives us an idea about the different places around the world. Thereafter we study the importance of these places, their specialties and the benefit they can offer to the entire world. The cities and regions we study about, viewed from a perspective of their standing in the entire world. 
  • The study of the inner earth factors like the earthquakes and volcanic eruptions comprises of the developments happening inside the earth. The factors that lead to the happening of these phenomena inside the earth. How they find way to the surface and impact the lives of human beings and other living components. 

The scientists are then able to predict these phenomena and give an early warning to people around the region. Here we also study how one activity leads to the happening of the other one.

What man-induced factors are responsible for the same. 

  • In geography we also learn about the movements of wind and currents that affect the temperature and climate of a place.
  • Here we study about the different heat zones of the earth which helps us easily understand the flora and fauna that may be existing in the place. Students can take the help of this information while they need help in homework and wish to understand the features of that particular heat zone.
  • A study of mineral resources is also done in the subject, wherein one studies about the regions rich in such resources. This helps the industrialists understand what factory they can set up and where they can set up this factory so that they can benefit the most from it.

Therefore, these were a few importance of geography and a brief about what we study in this branch of social science. The information that we learn here, facilitates us in our assignment help as well as offers a better understanding of the subject.

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