Handy Pest Control Tips – That Actually Work

Handy Pest Control Tips – That Actually Work

There are some never-ending problems in our life over which we have no control. One of those problems is pests that we cannot eliminate from our life. 

Pests quickly adapt to adverse situations and get friendly with them. If not prevented, your house is prone to damage, and your health will be at risk too. Pests are a regular nuisance to most of us and getting rid of them can be challenging at times.

Some handy pest control methods can prevent them from infesting our homes. You can achieve it by engaging an agency dealing with pest control in Geelong.

Therefore, it’s vital to know how to prevent pests from infesting your home before it’s too late. Before calling for professional help, you can look for handy pest control tips to apply on your own. Moreover, there are some DIY methods that you can use if you have the wish and will.

Without further delay, let’s look at some handy tips for controlling pests.

1. Clean Kitchen

All pests love dirty and moist environments. Your kitchen may provide an encouraging environment for these pests to thrive. Ensure cleanliness of drawers, stove-tops, racks, and kitchen counters to put these pests at a distance. The best way to get them cleaned is with a disinfectant. Avoid littering food particles in the open, as they attract pests.

2. Clean Washrooms

Ensure to clean your bathroom and pot with toilet cleaner every alternate day. Check your drain is not blocked with soap particles or hairs and covered with a lid. Ensure to keep the shower curtains clean and moisture free.

3. Garbage Disposal

Ensure to dispose of garbage daily or twice a day. The trash can invite pests to a large proportion. If in case, the waste isn’t getting disposed of regularly, the chances of rotten food littering all over the house can be a familiar scene. It can be bad for your health and pets if you have any.

4. Check stagnant water spots

Avoid filling buckets or any other vessels with water when not in use. Always empty the water collector gathering water from the A.C. outlet. Check for any spots holding water around your house and keep dry as much possible as you can. Stagnant water attracts mosquitoes to breed, resulting in malaria and dengue-like life-threatening diseases.

5. Consume fruits and vegetables when fresh

Don’t keep fruits and vegetables unused for a long time. Extra ripening of these foods attracts pests, increasing the influx of these creatures. Better to consume them at the right time, else throw them away before they start attracting pests.

6. Windows to be netted and fixed

Fixing nets on windows is a great way to prevent pests. Not only does it help pests to enter through windows, but it also provides ventilation to your rooms. In addition, ensure you cater to the broken panes or glasses of windows and get them repaired immediately to prevent unwanted guests enter your house.

7. Clean garden

Ensure you maintain your garden regularly. A garden can provide many places for pests to thrive and play leisurely. Ensure there are no stagnant water spots, trim all the plants at times, and there’s no hidden spot for any unwanted thing to hide and damage further your home.

8. Throw unwanted things out

We love all our items so much that we often hate to get rid of them. Pests love these items more than we do. It’s a safe passage for them to seek shelter and keep damaging our homes. Therefore, the unwanted items need to go immediately out of the house whenever you notice them.

9. Smart stuff management

It means avoiding the clumsiness of your stuff in your home. Sit down and plan what stuff needs to be in the interiors and what can be stored outside. Accordingly, bifurcate the belongings and arrange your household items in a clever way that will help to prevent pests from infesting your house.

10. Professional pest control services

Though you can prevent pests with the above methods, eliminating them won’t be possible without engaging professional pest control services. They can help you clean and flush out all the pests which have infested your house with a guaranteed assurance to have the effect for a minimum of 6 months.

It is wise to have a yearly contract with them to keep your pest problems away all the time.


Pests are dangerous for your home and health. The presence of pests gives a feeling of filth which is awful. If the problem is left unattended for a long time, it may lead to severe health and mental hazards.

There are some handy tips to prevent these creatures from infesting your home. They may be time-consuming, energy-draining, and expensive at times, yet following these practices can keep these creatures at a distance. These methods of controlling pests do not claim to get rid of them permanently.

Despite using all the preventive measures, if you experience the nuisance, it’s time to call for professional services.

One sure-shot solution to getting rid of pests is to engage any professional pest control services. They have unique tools and methods to deal with these creatures efficiently.

The pest control services ensure your house is safe from pests for a minimum of 6 months. You can tie up with them for an annual contract to keep the menace of pests away.



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