How Can I Remove Family Manager from My PS4?

How Can I Remove Family Manager from My PS4?

Parental controls can be a lifesaver for parents, enabling them to restrict what their children can do on a variety of gadgets, such as PCs, smartphones, and gaming consoles like the PS4.

They assist in limiting screen time and the content that young gamers are exposed to on the PS4. Here is what you need to know if you ever enabled parental controls in the past and want to turn them off now.

On the PS4: Update 6.0, How to Remove a User as a Family Manager

The family feature cannot be turned off in any way. Your child must sign in using their own PSN account if you want to change what they are playing. They must redownload all of their games from the cloud each time they go offline.

Depending on the size of their game library, this process could take a while, and unless a game is stored locally on their hard drive, they are unable to play any game at all (not even a single player) when they are offline.

Easy Ways To Remove PS4 Parental Controls

I’ve been using this feature as a parent for months, and there have already been problems. Even after we manually downloaded them, which took hours due to how long it takes to download an entire game when you don’t own a physical copy, games that we bought before we started managing our son’s account through his PS4 never actually downloaded to his hard drive. All of the games on his PS4 are currently greyed out, making them inaccessible unless they are re-downloaded from the cloud at a later time. However, some of those games cannot be re-downloaded because Sony or the publisher no longer supports them, despite the fact that my son still wants to play them.

Halo One excellent illustration of this is The Master Chief Collection. When we logged into his account today, we discovered that all 14 game discs had been deactivated and that he was unable to play any of them.

Other players who have purchased this collection are also being impacted by this. There are rumors on Reddit that Sony and Microsoft are collaborating to fix the issue, but neither Sony nor Microsoft have made any such statements or provided any customer support (on their forums or through Twitter). The moderators refused to allow me to post these solutions because they claimed that “I am not a Sony employee and I have no special knowledge that the rest of you do not also possess.” I was providing information about what games are unavailable for him to re-download and why, as well as some potential solutions.

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What kind of response is that?

If they are doing their job as moderators, they should be encouraging the ability of the users to share information among themselves rather than discrediting every suggestion made. Our son won’t be able to play any of his games until Sony, at the very least, acknowledges the issue, which could take days or weeks.

Since there is so much kid-friendly content on YouTube and Vimeo right now that can easily keep kids entertained without exposing them to such coarse language (even though I also know what sites he visits, that’s still preferable to him hearing it from other kids while they play online), I would rather discourage my child from playing online at all.

I am aware that this feature has some advantages, such as the ability to monitor your child’s activity for reporting needs (even though many users have reported that this information is not available on the website and Sony has never responded regarding these issues). However, I won’t be using family manager because all of that time would have been wasted if you chose to buy a game for your kid only to have it deleted from their hard drive. I compare it to EA Access, which was just recently released just before the launch of the PS4 if Sony does offer any way to disable or turn off this feature in the future but does not do so at launch.

PS4 is a recurring service

It is a recurring service that may need upkeep and maintenance as well as the addition of new content. I believe it is safe to assume that this feature was not intended for immediate release (and remain unchanged for at least a year or two).

The fact that Sony advertises this feature as being “available on launch day” on their website without providing any details about when it will actually be made available in my opinion constitutes fraud. I would like more information about what kind of communication Sony plans to use and how customers will be informed if there are issues or changes with this service in the future so we can decide whether or not we want to continue using it. I have purchased a PS4 for my child.

PlayStation Family Management

How do you remove Family Manager?

The simplest way to remove family managers is to access the app’s settings. Then, choose “Manage Family” by scrolling down. Then, at the bottom of your screen, click “Remove from Family” after selecting the person whose name you want to delete.

How can a family member be deleted from a PS4?

On PS4, the console owner must first be logged into their account in order to remove a family member. They can then choose “Family Management” under “PlayStation Network/Account Management.” After that, they should choose the family member they want to delete, click “Delete,” and then confirm their decision.

On a PS4, how do you change the family manager?

You must select “Options” then “Users” in order to change your family manager. After that, decide who you want to manage the family.

How do I change the age of my child on the PS4?

On PS4, you can alter your child’s age in one of two ways. The first way is to alter the date of birth on their account, and the second is to alter it in their profile settings.
You must go to “Settings” and then “Users” before selecting your child’s account and making the necessary changes to their information.

What does PS4 family management entail?

You can share games with other family members using the PlayStation family management feature. You can create a family group and then share the game with everyone in the group if several members of your family want to play the same game. The length of time each player has to play before the game is turned over to another person can then be decided.

How can I change my sub-account’s age?

These steps can be used to change the age of your sub-account:

1. After signing in to your parent account, select “My Account” from the menu on the left.

2. Select “Edit Sub account” next to the sub-account you want to edit by clicking “Sub Accounts & Family Sharing” at the top of the page.

Can the family manager be changed?

You can indeed alter the family manager. You would have to submit a request in your Facebook account’s Family Manager settings.


Parental controls for the PS4 can be a great way to make sure that your kids are only using the console to access appropriate content. You can ensure that the PlayStation console is only used when you want it to be by setting up a passcode and limiting access by days and number of times. You can disable parental controls to delete the family manager account if you need to for any reason. Make sure your kids are only playing for a set amount of time with the help of the PlayStation bios 4 parental controls time limit. To ensure that only appropriate content is accessed on the console, you can also use the parental controls passcode for the PS4.

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