How do you get rid of Blocked Drains?

How do you get rid of Blocked Drains?

It is time to get over such tiresome days of trying to cleat the drains and try out some of the quickest DIY hacks to clear out the blocked drains. There are times when food particles, oil or grease, and other solid particles get stuck in the gutters and stand in the way of water passage which causes blocked drains. In such situations, you might use the sink to wash your hands or do any other task but fail to do it as the dirty water might keep reversing back to the sink. The entire situation can be messy and even overflow your sink or washroom drain if left untreated for long. Know more about block drains problem at your home.

Tips to clear out blocked drains

 You should try to get some ideas on DIY hacks for treating blocked drains. Here are a few quick tips and tricks you can do at home to clear out blocked drains. Check these following points out to know a few DIY tricks:

  • Use Boiling Water

The first and the most straightforward homemade remedy which you can use to clear out blocked drains is none other than boiling water. All you must do is boil a container full of water and instantly pour it into the blocked drain to clear the debris. The junk might not clear out at once, so you can repeat the same process twice or thrice to eliminate the dirty chunks. However, if your sink drainpipe is ceramic or metal, only the boiling water technique can work for you. For a PVC pipeline, do not try this at all because it might loosen the grip of the pipe.

  • Natural Cleaner

There might be times when you do not have an artificial drain cleaner at home. In such circumstances, you can make an effective natural cleaner at home using DIY tricks to eliminate the blocked drains. The two things you need for cleaning are baking soda and sound quality or strong vinegar. Both products, when mixed, form a vigorous reaction. Pour the baking soda into the drainpipe in the first place and then pour down the strong vinegar in the pipeline. You will notice some effervescence on the drain mouth. Cover it up with something for the bubbles do not escape. If you repeat the process a few times and pour hot water into the blocked drains, the pipe clears up in no time.

  • Artificial or Caustic Cleaner

Yet another method of cleaning blocked drains is to use an acidic cleaner from the market. After getting one, you need to figure out whether you would need to mix the chemical with water and make it dilute or directly pour it down the drain to remove hair strands, food particles, and other dirt.

  • Plunger

You must have noticed the red-capped stick in the famous cartoon which used to get stuck in some characters’ noses or mouths. These toilet plungers are used to clear out clogged toilets. Use the same plunger to clear out the blocked drains. All you must do is fix the plunger to the mouth of the sink and suck out or push down the clogged particles for easy water passage. Pouring down hot water after plunging can be of great help too.


All the above points can help you clear out blocked drains at ease. However, if these tricks do not work for your congested drain, you can use a snake and CCTV, jet sprays, acid washes, or excavations for the same purpose! You must remember that if these tricks simply don’t work, you are not supposed to use force and pressure on them. Rather leave it for the professional to handle the matter because otherwise, more significant damage could occur.

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