How to check Windows 11 error logs

How to check Windows 11 error logs

Windows errors can be a sign of trouble. We rarely attempt to find the cause of an error in Windows. This article will help you find the error logs for Windows 11. The most common error of Message plus Error and How to Fix message+ keeps stopping Here is a Guide to Fix in simple Ways.

As the name implies, error logs include logs that give all the details about the root cause of an error, along with the program or process which caused it. They also provide specific dates and times when the error occurred. It is difficult to understand the logs. This guide will help you search for Windows 11 error logs of different types, apply filters and clear them. It’s not difficult to use, even though it might seem like an advanced tool for troubleshooting. All Windows users should know this.

Why should I look at Windows 11 error logs instead?

Before we get into the technical details, it is important to understand the reasons why you need to review error logs to enable Windows 11 and earlier versions. If your computer crashes often or you get a BSOD (Blue Display of Death) message, it is likely that it is causing the problem. How can you identify the cause? First, go through your event logs. Next, look through the logs created at the time the crash occurred. Then, go through the logs and determine the cause. It is a very simple concept, right? However, there are some additional issues that you should consider when trying to understand why Windows 11 has error logs. This area will contain a lot of warnings and errors, but there is nothing to worry about. Don’t worry if you don’t see any issues in your system.

Sometimes programs and services fail to load or can crash. The OS can resolve minor problems if you have any. Let’s look at the following illustration. The Valiant service VGC was suddenly shut down. We didn’t have any problems playing games. Windows is likely to be able to restart the service in future attempts. This error log is useful for diagnosing the root cause of any game-related issues.

Let’s now learn how to do it once you have figured out the importance of looking at error logs in Windows 11.

What is the best way to check for errors in Windows 11?

  • “Hold Windows+ Sto” to open “Search “, and enter the “View events” inbox at the top right. Select the matches in your search.
  • Windows logs “Double-click”, in the navigation bar to the right.
  • You will then see five categories. You can choose one of the five categories.
  • * Click on an error log to see the full information.

Although you are familiar with how to search Windows 11 error logs now, that is not enough. You still have much to learn to understand these logs and use them to your advantage.

What should I know about Windows 11 error logs?

You can use general information and your event ID to help you identify and resolve the problem. Here is some useful information for your log.

This is an example from Windows 11’s error log. The driver was not installed.

What are Windows 11 error logs and how can they be used?

To resolve the problem and review your logs, you will need details about the event as well as the ID of the event. Here is an online help page for the log of an incident that can provide you with useful information.

Here is an example of a Windows 11 error log that occurred when the driver was not installed.

Do you know which driver or device failed? As we thought we did, most likely you don’t. The 219 event was an enormous help in finding the right information and solving the problem.

We did a Google search for event IDs and found many results. We were able to identify the problem and find a solution in a matter of minutes. This requires knowledge about Windows 11 error logs.

Also, errors might not always be the best information. Some errors contain difficult words or excessive language. No matter what the situation, a Google search is enough.

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