How to increase your followers on Instagram? (Complete guide: 2022)

How to increase your followers on Instagram? (Complete guide: 2022)

Starting a brand on Instagram for the first time might be tricky. The primary step you would like to take is how to Increase your followers on Instagram? The days of using shortcuts like buying followers or using bots are over. These tactics may temporarily increase your follower count but will not benefit you in the long run. That’s because the only significant Instagram followers are genuine people that care about and connect with your content. A phony following count may enhance your ego, but it will not help your Instagram strategy.

Go through these steps to learn how to get 1k followers on Instagram in 5 minutes.

1.    Improve your profile and bio:

Make the most of your 150-character limit. Your Instagram bio describes who you are, what you’re talking about, and what action you hope others will do after visiting your profile.

You should include the following information in your Instagram bio:

  • A brief explanation of what you do
  • Your personality qualities
  • Services or products you offer.
  • Call to action,

Your bio link is your only clickable on Instagram, so use it wisely. Some businesses offer a regular link to their website, while others update it frequently to reflect new content.

2.    Provide people with a compelling reason to follow your lead:

As opposed to (or in the place of) simply listing the credentials of your company, the slogan, and the value idea on the description of your Instagram bio, you should give prospective followers a clear idea about what to expect when they decide to follow you. Examples:

  • Display how your product may be used.
  • Share a story about your brand.
  • Share reels as it has a high engagement rate.
  • Plan a giveaway.
  • Create branded content partnerships.
  • Respond to inquiries.
  • Make and Distribute Relatable Memes.
  • Make posts that are saveable.
  • The go-to source for quick tips and tricks.
  • Tips for cooking with your product.
  • Utilize user-generated content.
  • Plan a contest.

3.    Do your Instagram SEO:

SEO isn’t just about bringing more Google users to your site. The social media sites also search engines with their search features, and Instagram can now support regular keyword searches, not only hashtag or account searches.

This has increased the importance of SEO on Instagram even more crucial, therefore:

  • Make sure you include keywords in your bios and captions
  • Include your location on Instagram
  • Include alt text for images.

4.    Make sure you have high-quality followers:

Instagram users number in the billions. But do you want followers that aren’t active? In fact, you should have followers that:

  • Comment or like your posts.
  • Recognize your content and help you feel purposeful.
  • Convert leads into customers.
  • Help you get many more awesome followers.

5.    Create a regular posting schedule:

  • After you’ve optimized and created your profile, have someone to manage it. Once you’ve got your creative assets prepared, it’s time to begin posting.
  • It’s best to have a steady number of excellent posts around 15 or so before connecting with people and moving through this list. So, when people check out your profile, they’ll see a complete display of pictures and be assured that you’ll keep posting regular content.
  • When organizing your posting schedule, make sure to keep your target audience in mind because it may significantly affect the frequency and timing of your posts, especially if you’re trying to reach individuals in a completely different time zone.
  • The best way to optimize your schedule for your target audience might require time and some trial and error.

6.    Utilize all formats:

One of the main things that distinguish Instagram from other well-known social networks is its various formats. These formats keep users’ attention and let you showcase multiple aspects of your business. Therefore, take advantage of:

  • Feed Posts: photos and videos of the best quality.
  • Stories: shortlived content, more spontaneous and raw.
  • Reels: videos that are a bit more focused on the entertainment aspect.
  • Lives: real-time video clips.

7-Use the most effective editing and photography techniques:

On Instagram, post quality matters. Fortunately, you don’t need to attend a photography class to create a great Instagram poster. Nor do you need to do a lot of practice before you begin.

You should be acquainted with basic photography techniques and editing software.

➔   Photography Best Practices:

Because Instagram is a mobile application, some posts you make on Instagram will likely be saved to your smartphone.

If you have the money, you should consider investing in professional photographers for your Instagram pictures since it will boost your profile. If not, a smartphone along with a few editing applications will suffice.

Some tips to follow while taking photos on Instagram:

  • Concentrate on one topic at one time.
  • Embrace negative space.
  • Discover new perspectives.
  • Seek out the symmetry.
  • Capture small details.
  • Let your followers be entertained.

8.    Take a look at influencer marketing:

It’s no secret that being mentioned by an influential person can bring you several thousands of fans; however, it doesn’t occur overnight. Influencer marketing is a carefully planned approach, and you’ll need to:

  • Curate a list of influencers you think are the most real to connect with and who are most relevant to your audience.
  • Start small. Target smaller accounts and use those connections to progress to higher levels.
  • Be authentic. Choose one and take the time to get to know them for up to a week or two. You can set notification notifications to their blog posts. Look through their posts elsewhere on the internet and connect to their page. Be patient and develop an interest in them, not their followers. When you finally make contact, your request is more attractive, and your chances of having a long-term relationship are better.


You must constantly deliver high-quality material to your followers on Instagram if you want to see your following grow. Although a fragmented approach to social networking is great for personal accounts, businesses need more prep.

You can’t check all the items off your to-do list at once, but the methods we’ve described will definitely help you gain more Instagram followers.

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