How to Personalize a Creative Custom Packaging: A Technical Guide

How to Personalize a Creative Custom Packaging: A Technical Guide

Designing creative packaging isn’t a cup of tea. You have to take care of several things while creating a box. It shouldn’t look scary and drab your customer’s attention. With the consultancy of a renowned box packaging supplier, it will be easier to personalize Custom Packaging that looks mesmerizing and won’t break the bank. The packaging doesn’t only feature the company’s slogan, and name but it also conveys your brand message to your loyal customers. The brand message will be conveyed through inspirational artwork and colorful graphics. 

Consideration While Designing a Packaging

Do you want to design your packaging? There are a lot of different things to consider beyond thinking that your product is encased within the box or not. It may seem devastating but the first step is to think about what kind of packaging you will be using

Some things need to consider when selecting your packaging:

  • Visual appeal
  • Product size
  • Functionality
  • Cost

Remember that cost-effectiveness and visual appeal go hand in hand. If you want to design your packaging at affordable rates you should maintain a striking balance between these two things. 

Kinds of Custom Packaging

When you visit the online store of a packaging supplier, you will see a variety of Custom Packaging Boxes. We will discuss some of them, let’s get started!

  • Custom Mailer Boxes

Mailer boxes are the one-to-go solution for subscription services, and promotional influencers, and are also perfect for gift and retail packaging purposes. Custom Mailer Boxes are assembled from corrugated cardboard packaging material in A, B, C, and E flutes to assure the safety of products while shipping over long distances. 

  • Shipping Boxes

Shipping boxes are regarded as regular slotted cartons which are the most common types of boxes. These boxes are manufactured from B, and C corrugated and cardboard flutes to ship heavier and larger items including food, books, and electronics. The design of the box is highly functional and reduces packaging waste which makes it a more affordable option. 

  • Folding Cartons

This is considered one of the most recognizable box styles, you can see these Folding Cartons on every retail shelf. Manufactured from paperboard, they are a little bit costly but easily assembled. 

They are utilized to enclose a variety of products ranging from candies, cosmetics, tea, and other luxury retail items. Their thickness is varied from 16-24 pt being the most common. They are highly adaptable to feature any kind of printing, style, and additional features. 

  • Two-Piece Boxes

Two-Piece Boxes are usually assembled from a rigid material which is highly recommended to pack luxury products such as perfume, alcohol, and high-end cosmetic items. They are manufactured from chipboard which is four times thicker than the regular cardboard material. 

Let’s explain this type of style with a scented candle box, it has a tray and a lid. Inside the lid, there is an insert that holds your scented candles elegantly and in place. As I am a lover of candles, I love to receive my candles in highly chic and classy boxes, and rigid packaging can perform this function with elegance. 

  • Tuck End Boxes

Have you ever seen a cereal or a CBD box? It comes up with tuck-end flaps which hold the products securely and preserve them for the longer term. The tuck end flaps come in straight and reverse directions, the choice of design depends upon your preferences. 

Packaging Materials for Custom Boxes

The next thing to consider while manufacturing the Custom Boxes is the packaging material. The safety of your products and the functionality of the boxes are assured by the right kind of packaging materials.

  • Corrugated Paper Stock

Corrugated is highly recommended when you want to ship your products at the national and international levels. Corrugated stock is composed of two outer board paper boards and an inner curly fluted layer that is sandwiched between these two layers. 

You can opt for single or double-wall Corrugated Boxes for secure shipping of your products. Single wall cardboard comprises one fluted layer with two outer layers of cardboard which works best for general retail packaging purposes. 

Double-wall corrugated boxes comprise two fluted layers and are better when you need extra safety during shipping because of sensitive bulky items. Single-wall boxes are less expensive than double-wall boxes but you have to compromise on the safety of single-wall boxes. 

  • Kraft Paper Stock

In today’s modernized world, where every person is busy doing multiple things. And we can’t deny the fact that our planet is facing a lot of pollution issues. And the packaging plays a significant part in increasing global warming issues. Therefore, people are turning from plastic to biodegradable packaging.

Kraft Boxes play an integral role to minimize carbon emissions. These boxes are biodegradable, recycled, repurposed, and reused. They can be easily decomposable and reduce packaging waste. Apart from being socially responsible materials, they are highly sturdy and utilized to store various food, and apparel items. 

Printing Options

Different kinds of printing patterns can be featured on the boxes to leave a long-lasting impact on buyers. Different kinds of printing techniques are utilized to engrave fascinating visual graphics. Let’s jump into the enormous kinds of printing:

  • Digital Printing

Digital printing is a common type of printing which we have done usually at our homes. But how does it work? Digital printing comprises four ink colors cyan, magenta, yellow, and black (CMYK), and transfers this color format onto the paper. 

With this printing method, you will get a full-color print after only one pass. This is one of the most cost-efficient methods because no printing plates are involved. It’s a great choice if you want to print low qualities, multiple colors, and artwork that changes frequently. 

  • Lithographic

This method is used when you want more detailed artwork or if your design includes photographs. A plate is created and your image is burned into it forming shallow grooves. This type of printing is highly desirable when you want to feature high-resolution images on the Custom-Printed Packaging Boxes. This is a little costly method as you need some initial cost in creating the plates. 

  • Flexographic Printing

This printing tactic involves 3 simple color formats to imprint colorful graphics on the box. This kind of printing contains a flexographic plate for each color created before printing begins. Think about the flexographic plates as you think about the rubber stamp at a stationery store.

This kind of printing is highly preferable when your design is relatively simple and your artwork doesn’t require changes frequently. There are some setup costs, but it is a cost-effective method for future reprints.


Designing packaging requires out-of-the-box ideas. Remember, personalization is more than simply deciding what should be inside your packaging. You are telling a story with your brand’s message and communicating it on a physical product. Materials, styles, printing, and finishes of the box will give high-end appeal to your products.

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