How to Store and Organize Laundry in an Easy and Effective Way

How to Store and Organize Laundry in an Easy and Effective Way

A multi-functional space in any household needs to organize properly to get more advantages. Tugging laundry into your washer or dryer, separating colored dresses from white, folding and putting them back into the cupboard is one of the most tiresome works one is bound to perform at least once a week. It makes the laundry much difficult if all the items are not properly category. 

So, whether your laundry room is expansive with tons of storage or a cornered place in the basement, an organized laundry room can make it much easier to corral clothes and perform laundry handily and effectively. Regardless of its size, a systemized laundry room must have space for ironing, hand-washing, sorting dirty and clean clothes, and drying.

Step-by-Step Instructions to Set up Laundry Room:

When organizing your laundry room, the following steps are following in order:

1-Discard All The Trash:

Start by looking out all the junk around the room. Throw away or recycle all the items that are not in the rule, i.e., broken hangers, detergent containers, expired laundry products, etc. If you don’t have a lint bin for dryer lint or pocket trash, now is the time to add one. It drains after every use. Also, keep a trash can to make laundry handy.

2-Dejunk the Room:

Unless the laundry area is not sharing with any other space, get rid of all the unnecessary stuff, i.e., library books, gardening products, and basketball net, etc. This puts a stop to clean clothes getting stain or soiled, mixing up detergents and food items, and leaves space to perform certain laundry chores, which include folding clothes and sorting soiled clothes, etc

3-Integrate Laundry Products:

Figure out the products that need. Replace multiple specialty products for each purpose with a multi-functional detergent to save space and money. Also, transfer the packets of detergent to containers and label them accordingly for a more sophisticated look. You can also use baking soda or distilled vinegar to boost the performance of detergents instead of fabric softeners and dryer sheets.

4-Drying Racks and Folding Space:

Rather than having all the clothes spread everywhere waiting for them to get dried, you can simply fix a free-standing drying rack to hang the clothes. Wall-fixed racks can also use, which can fold out when needed. Also, create a space for folding using a wooden bar or cardboard. It could be a table or a counter that can also be used as an ironing stand later, eliminating the need to create one separately.

5-Create a Designated Spot for Each Product:

If you do not have cabinets in your laundry room, installing space-saving laundry products for storage is recommended. They should be out of reach for children and vulnerable adults with a high possibility of getting poisoned. The handy products like lint bin, dryer sheet dispenser, etc., can make laundry effortless and manageable. You can attach the dryer sheet dispenser to the wall of your dryer using the magnetic back. 

Also, you can dig a hole on the wall to attach it through the nail, hence saving space and time. Use inexpensive small products to store scissors, rubber bands, etc. You can also place a jar or basket to keep items as you empty the pockets before tossing them into the washing machine; this would make it easy for your family members to find the lost objects. Empty the basket on a regular schedule for effective working!

Interesting Laundry Organisation Ideas:

Here are a few of the interesting laundry ideas: 

  • Install an under-sink shelf to hold detergents and soaping agents,
  • Use a magnetic organizing rack on the sidewall of your washing machine or dryer instead of digging a hole in the wall to add miscellaneous objects.
  • Get a hamper organizer to categorize your laundry by darks, whites, only hand-wash clothes.
  • Install hooks on the wall to hold the items that need to be sent to dry cleaners. You can paint the wall the same as the color to blend. Also, you can hang shopping bags, shoe bags, etc., making it easier for you to grab them.
  • Open shelving keeps the room feeling airy and provides a folding station at ease.
  • Folding tools make post-laundry organization much easier. Install them as soon as possible if you have space.
  • Lint bin and dryer sheet dispensers come with a magnetic container to keep the lost pocket treasures that you do not want to end up in washing machines, i.e., car keys, wallets, cards, or headphones.
  • Get yourself a stain chart since it’s difficult to memorize all the methods to remove stains depending upon the fabric. Each stain has its cleaning method, from ink to grease, that sets permanently or temporarily on the clothes. It is recommended to print a full stain chart for your ease, along with the pieces of advice on how to deal with washable and non-washable items.

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