Important Things You Should Be Aware of Before Teaching in UAE.

Important Things You Should Be Aware of Before Teaching in UAE.

The United Arab Emirates is a country of technological dreams. It is a dream of a vast worldwide mass working in UAE. Tall skyscrapers kissing the clouds, huge malls engulfing a world inside, the convergence of vibrant cultures, the scenic beauty of the location, considerable number of ex-pats, richness of traditions, and wealthy population – all these factors and the dynamic-ness of the country attract a huge number of people every year. It is not only a tourist’s paradise but also a place with its maximum part of the population being immigrants. 

Life in UAE

Life in UAE is different from the rest of the world. The working days are different, and so are the conducts, work cultures, working hours, and even academics. Even the homework help services work differently here. Hundreds of teachers and professors move to UAE each year from different parts of the world. The teaching style, curriculum, session period, etc., are entirely different from their countries. Thus, the teachers or educators who move to Dubai or any other cities in UAE face a considerable number of problems. 

Even the students who move to schools and colleges in UAE will find it difficult to adjust initially. The online assignment helps they usually hire different from assignment help Sharjah. Many professors provide services on these websites. They, too, have to be very careful regarding these changes. It is pretty normal because the whole academic system in UAE is almost entirely different. 

Immigrant teachers and professors

Immigrant teachers and professors have to be aware and critical of the rules and regulations. The law in UAE is quite conservative and very strict. There are almost no alternatives to the existing policies, and one will not want to change or disobey them considering the repercussions. Thus, it is essential to learn about every policy relevant to the profession; and cultural and social rules. If you want to move to UAE, you will not be able to survive properly knowing the rules or laws alone. Therefore, you need to be aware of the consequences as well. 

Elements of Importance

As an academic writer, you have to be aware of the services the chemistry assignment help UAE provide and what not to expect from these websites. This article aims to make you aware of the important factors that you need to keep in mind as a newbie academic professional in UAE.

Research on Every Bit

Since you are moving to a completely different, it is always advisable that you do your research on every single bit relevant to you and your profession. You will not only help yourself by the research, but you will also be able to help your immigrant students out with the information.

This data will help you in taking your decisions wisely. First, you must be sure if you want to work in that institution or not by considering all the rules, policies and culture. Then, the society or area you choose to live in match your requirement or not. 

You must plan at least six months before even reaching there. The things you must research are,

  • School, college, or institution you are joining.
  • The culture of your workplace, the rules and regulations, timings, and expectations of your recruiters. 
  • Necessary policies of the place you will live in—the terms and conditions, culture, timings, etc.
  • Feedback and reviews by the people who were previously working and living there. Check online and if you can get your hands on any contact number, call them up.
  • Make a note of all the aspects of difference. You have to make necessary adjustments according to these points.
  • Weather change and condition of the place you will live and work in.
  • Study the street rules, restaurant, bar, shopping malls rules. In short, be aware of the societal rules.
  • There are some places where there are separate night rules. Make sure you are aware of that.
  • Keep a note of the religious customs and rules followed there. Religious belief is a sensitive topic. Make sure you do not offend anyone, even by mistake.
  • Research the nearest grocery stores, malls, pharmacy stores, etc., where you can buy necessary regular and emergency stuff.

If you are moving somewhere to work, then it can be considered that you will live there for quite some time. Therefore, you have to make that place your home for a few years. So, you might as well do your pre-moving search game strong enough to be as comfortable as possible. It is inevitable for you to make sure that no unexpected situation can catch you off guard in any case. 

Varied Academic Session

The school session generally starts in August, unlike in most other countries where the session begins in January or April. Therefore, the school hours are longer with significantly fewer breaks. The mentionable breaks are in winter and spring. These two breaks vary from 3 weeks to 2 weeks, respectively. The span entirely varies from school to school. It sometimes gets very exhausting, considering the hot weather. Also, the sessions run till July, making the session break less than a month. 

You need to plan your holidays and vacations accordingly. Keep this in consideration that you might have to stay indoors for a long span during summers. Being outside during summer is like walking inside the furnace. Thus, it is better to stay indoors and be comfortable the same. 

Salary And Cost of Living

Salary is pretty impressive in UAE. It varies from institute to institute, a few of which are public or government, and others are private or international. With more experience, you can expect higher packages. Some schools and colleges also offer traveling and housing expenses, covering the two primary and most essential expenses. 

If the cost of living and salary can be calculated, then the scenario is pretty extreme. You can survive by spending as less as one-third of your salary. Or, you can get carried away by the luxurious distractions readily available near you. UAE has more than enough space to spend your entire paycheck, as it is a country full of various types of entertainment- cars, malls, adventure sports, luxurious restaurants, etc. Your salary will be enough to afford them. 

Perks of Certification

To get a job at a school in UAE, you have to have relevant degrees, certifications, and experience. But there are many additional perks if you have or earn other professional certificates such as TEFL. For example, your salary will increase automatically, and you can open your path to many different verticals through these certificates.

Culture & Language

UAE can safely be termed as a country of immigrants and expats. People from all around the world come here to work and live. Thus, a blend of various cultures can be seen here. Although UAE is astonishingly western, many different cultures can be found in this country. Even at your workplace, you will find this divergence. However, you can be yourself and adjust to blend in simultaneously. Initially, it will be like a roller coaster ride or as if you are watching multilingual movies all at one time. 

Of course, some norms need to be followed, such as shorts and sleeveless are not allowed in public places. Tattoos should not be visible in public. Drinking, smoking, cursing, kissing or hugging is banned.

You need to be very accepting and open-minded as you have to deal with various people with various cultures, languages, and habits. It is always advisable to learn a little bit of Arabic before going to UAE. You can conversate in your mother tongue, but not everyone will understand what you are trying to say.

You have to teach students from various countries with different languages as a teacher. Still, Arabic can be the middle ground as it is mandatory to learn the language in every school. 

Employment Loyalty Benefits

A very few people are aware of this bonus. There are yearly contracts that get renewed every year with the consent of both sides. This tenure differs from institution to institution, college to college, school to school, and even office to office. 

This is typical in the UAE, albeit it may be perceived differently depending on the company you work for. This will be your entire compensation in some regions, and in some, it will be your base wage. Annually you will be paid a month’s salary. 

Rules & Laws

While the UAE is a remarkably welcoming country, it has rules in place that align with Islamic beliefs. Teachers should be conscious of behaviors that are considered illegal. Any unlawful activity will result in deportation, jail, or even severe consequences. The teaching community is pretty significant in UAE, the smallest of smallest ill-behavior tremor the whole community altogether. Thus you have to be very conscious of these rules. 

UAE is a professional paradise for people all around the world. In a dynamic working and academic environment, the professionals, including the teachers, must be conscientious about a few things. Most importantly, you have to have your common sense and sanity working. Do not worry, give some time and everything will fall in its place very easily. 

Author Bio: Rose Hughes is a teacher at a reputed institute in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. She is also a part of, where she offers homework help to students. 

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