Kareri Lake Trek: Everything to Know

Kareri Lake Trek: Everything to Know


Just the thought of the paradise of Himachal Pradesh will flash views with sky-reaching peaks, mixed culture of Buddhism,  traditional lifestyles, mountains, and breathtaking views. If at all you plan for a week-long trek. Then give the Kareri lake trek a shot. This offbeat destination is a must-try.

Situated in the Himalayan region. You will have a mesmerizing trekking experience with striking views of the High ranges and colourful valleys. Otherwise known as Kumarwah Lake, karri lake is located in the minkiani pass. It is a freshwater glacial lake with crystal clear water. You can also spot the lake bed in most places. Above all, the sky gets reflected in the crystal clear water. Which is another lovely view that this lake presents. 

Surrounded by beautiful mountain ranges, the lake in this region defines as flawless beauty. You also go through many spurting waterfalls and tumbling streams all the way. The shepherd villages will greet you with great locals, and the soothing chirps will please your ears. 

Quick facts

The lake rests at an elevation of 3100 meters above sea level. The Kareri lake trek is graded as one of the easiest, making it beginner-friendly. Any novice trekker can take up this trek, covering a distance of about 35kms. It almost takes 7 days to complete. April to December is the best time to visit this place in Kareri Lake.

About the trek 

Dharamsala is considered the “land of gods” and is the land where the Dalai Lama abides.

The karri lake trek begins from the base camp at McLeodganj and passes through the pass, balance pass, and lot, and finally reaches the lake, passing through many vintage landmarks, neighbouring mountains, and valleys. This trail will take you through dense forests,  narrow terrains, twirling passes, meadows, and much more that makes the beautiful Himalayan region. This Himalayan cult offers you hospitality and great people from the local villages. 


Climbing up the trail, you will get to experience unique climatic changes. You will also have the chance to hike up the balance pass at 12,300 ft. Bikini passes located at 13,230 ft and will feel like being lost in the serenity of the beautiful karri lake. You’ll also get to meet the local people from there and witness their culture in person. 

How does the trek go?

The trek starts from the base camp located at Mcleodganj and walks to the karri village. From there, you will go through wholly densely packed pine forests and remote villages.on passing a few kilometres like this, You will start climbing on the bottom of the slope. After reaching a certain point, you’ll start hiking the slope. 

A hard time awaits after that. While trekking to Lioti, located at an altitude of 8038ft, it has a beautiful alpine grassland. The best experience is strolling along the river, crossing bridges, walking on the boulders, and camping under the starlit sky, even though it tests you through its rough terrain.

From there, you’ll trek to Minkiani pass, where the lake is located. You will pass through the shrunk trails, paths filled with huge rocks and mud, and densely forested following crunched to the ranges on one side of the trail and river gorge flowing on the other. 

As you hike up the elevation,  the trail gets tougher and more difficult with crossing rough paths. Still, on reaching the destination, you’ll feel delighted seeing the view of the lake, minkiani pass, balance pass, and the valley.

Things to Carry

  • Carrying your water-resistant trekking pants/trekking shoes is the best option. 
  • Make sure to carry warm clothes, including warmers, pullovers, waterproof jackets, gloves, thermal wear, and an extra pair of socks.
  • Don’t forget to carry your torch and personal medication and toiletries. 

Best Time to Take Up the Trek

  • The month of August to December is considered the best, and snow on the high passes would have melted during August. 
  • Monsoons in the high ranges will still be affected by the rain making it hard to climb and making it a thrilling experience. 
  • Winter naturally presents you with little snowfall that lets you experience the paradise effect 


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