Lessen hair fall through Mesotherapy Hair Treatment

Lessen hair fall through Mesotherapy Hair Treatment

When you run your fingers across your scalp and a clump of hair comes in your fingers, this might be a sign of a serious hair fall problem. Regrettably, not many hair loss therapies or shampoos can provide relief to the balding spots on the scalp, if the actual hair loss problems are not treated. Therefore, it is essential to identify the factors behind hair loss before getting expert therapy for curing hair loss. Turkey is the most demanding place for hair transplantation and mesotherapy for hair loss in Turkey is preferable for most patients.

Various kinds of Hair Loss

There are multiple kinds of hair loss. When anyone notices new bald patches or thin places on the scalp which weren’t previously bare, that is hair loss. These factors are quite diverse and can comprise acute stress, hormonal disorders, pregnancy, or genetics. Some examples of typical forms of hair loss are:

1. Androgenetic alopecia

This is commonly referred to as male or female pattern baldness, which happens due to genetic causes, even as the name implies. The word “androgenetic” denotes to abnormal rise in androgen hormone levels, leading to weaker hair follicles and thin regions near the temples as well as the top of the head, resulting in a fading hairline.

2. Involutional alopecia

Hair loss is one of the symptoms of growing old or aging. New hair emerges, at a slow pace, whereas hair fall happens more quickly and for a longer period, resulting in thin regions on the head. This kind of hair loss is termed Involutional alopecia.

3. Traction alopecia

Tight hairstyles, like braiding, ponytails, or high buns, cause traction alopecia. This is more frequent in females as compared to males. Tight pulling of the hair can lead to damaged hair follicles and hair breakdown over time.


It is a medically validated procedure, that uses needles to insert strong chemicals into the mesoderm, delivering vital nutrients directly into the hair follicle, boosting scalp renewal and hair regeneration. Micro-needling is another term for it. The transdermal injection of Mesotherapy has created an administration pathway to solving hair fall-related problems by specifically treating the hair follicles on the skin.


1. Direct distribution into the dermis layer

Mesotherapy is an enhanced delivery mechanism that directly gives physical passage straight into your skin’s dermis layer. Active compounds can now be administered to the dermis accurately, leading to improved effects.

2. Hair follicles are stimulated

Hair follicles are skin cells to which each strand of hair is linked. A sebaceous gland is located in each follicle and is important for keeping the scalp hydrated and nourished by secreting natural oils from your body. Mesotherapy uses small needles to activate the hair follicles, generating growing elements from keratinocytes, essential in stimulating the regeneration and growth of hair.

3. Safe, dependable, and pain-free

In comparison with intrusive and surgical procedures for balding and thin hair, Mesotherapy is indeed a cutting-edge remedy that guarantees a painless and comfortable treatment. All of that achieved via controlled puncture of the skin.

4. Increases the immunity of the scalp

Mesotherapy gives rejuvenation to your scalp in addition to boosting new hair growth and repairing hair follicles. When compared to other regions of the body, your scalp is primarily epidermal layers with far more keratinocytes and growth regulators which assist to generate lengthier, dense hair. The insertion of small needles into your scalp stimulates angiogenesis, forming new blood vessels from present ones, and vasculogenesis, forming new blood vessels.

5. Lessens the swelling of the scalp

Mesotherapy reduced the chances of scalp swelling by therapeutically rejuvenating the scalp. Scalp pruritus, a widespread itchy scalp ailment, is one of the forms of scalp irritation. This illness triggered by dandruff, psoriasis, or folliculitis, a kind of scalp pruritus, where hair follicles destroyed and swollen.

6. Rebuilding the PH levels

The skin contains filth, crud, or oil blocked within the hair follicles, leading to inconsistent pH levels inside the epidermis. It can also have a significant impact on the skin’s capacity to defend our bodies and combat infection, as well as cause hair or scalp problems. Exfoliating the scalp regularly restores its pH levels and offers you a healthy scalp. Mesotherapy can aid with this because of its performative quality, which exfoliates the scalp completely.

7. Toxin release from the Lymphatic

The lymphatic capillaries transfer immunological cells throughout the body. It also washes out toxic extra fluids. The hair follicle stem cells are in charge of this process. Mesotherapy promotes toxin outflow from our bodies by enhancing the lymphatic system. It is a type of detoxification for the body.

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