Nandi Hills Camping – Do it Yourself Guide

Nandi Hills Camping – Do it Yourself Guide

It is not an unknown destination for the people of Bengaluru, Nandi hills is a quick trip destination for the people of Bengaluru who wants to go for a quick trip and have a thrilling weekend. Nandi Hills is a small little hillock that is preferably enjoyed during the winter season or cold weather and one can encounter a beautiful break of dusk as well as dawn. 

Historical importance and location

It is a fort built during the 18th century by the ruler Tipu Sultan. Located at a distance of approximately 70 Kms away from Bangalore, it has a beautiful trail for the people to walk, this trek can be done within 4-5 hours of time. One can hear the birds chirping, butterflies gliding, and insects crawling. One can view different flora and fauna on the course of the trek. There is a place that is known as Nandi One or the Brahmagiri trek which reminds someone of their childhood as one is surrounded by all luscious green vegetation all around and when one reaches the top can watch the farmlands below which is a very beautiful experience itself. One can also see the eucalyptus groves on the path of the trail which can be very refreshing and the region itself possess a very interesting and mythological past making the course of the trek even more interesting. 

One can watch the Nandi Giri, Skandagiri, and Channagiri hills when one reaches the top of the peak. One can set up their own tents there and have the enjoyment of camping at such a beautiful place. One can enjoy the serene view of stargazing and enjoy the bonfire with their close family and friends. One can also have a thrilling experience of climbing the rocks which fall on the way of the trial to the Nandi Hills. 

If one wants to visit the Eucalyptus grove, they have to travel a distance of about 1.2 kilometers which approximately takes half an hour and one gets refreshed by the eucalyptus forests. 


One can apart from just trekking enjoy the sightseeing while being a part of this journey as the trail itself offers a wide range of aesthetic locations that is so refreshing to one’s eye. One can enjoy the experience of campfire and also one must carefully listen to the instruction given by the guide.  One is also provided with a first aid kit and also a forest permit. 

Things to carry/ follow 

One should carry a sturdy and waterproof backpack and at least a 2 liters water bottle along with them. To protect themselves from the sun’s direct rays, one should bring at least two pairs of spare garments, as well as sunscreen, sunglasses, and a cap/hat. One can have fun while trekking and capture beautiful moments on their camera of the scenic beauty but they are responsible for their own personal items, To continue with the hiking, one must have some nice athletic shoes. Bring an extra pair of clothes just in any case of an emergency and also socks if one feels the necessity. One should carry their own water bottle and some gluconate-D energizers so as to keep themselves energized throughout the journey. While trekking, it is recommended that one wears comfortable attire and have identification with them.

One should carry a torch with extra pair of batteries with them and also the toiletries. 

Some basic stuff like caps, goggles, sunscreen, moisturizer, mosquito repellent, slippers, etc should not be forgotten. One should not carry a hefty bag or valuables throughout the walk because they will be accountable for any missing items. One is asked to avoid perfume and also pay attention to the guides and instructors.

Smoking and drinking are strictly prohibited in the Nandi Hills trek.

One should carry with them high-energy bars or high-calorie snacks so as to constantly provide themselves with energy as it is a short yet challenging trek. One should also carry a Poncho during the monsoon season. One should also carry with themselves a mild pain relief just in case of aches in muscles due to exertion. And one should also carry some tablets for motion sickness and also should carry their own personal toiletries. 

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