New career, a new track of high-quality development

New career, a new track of high-quality development

The vitality of the new era is surging, and new professions representing new technologies, new trends, and new needs are constantly emerging. More and more employment forms are developing in the direction of high value, digitalization, and individualization, becoming a new competition. That promotes a high-quality development road. In recent years, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security has issued 4 batches of 56 new occupations. There are more new employment forms. That is not yet include in the new occupations, which are growing and growing. In this issue, we approach workers in new employment forms. Experience interviews with artificial intelligence trainers, new energy vehicle rescuers, and food safety managers. So that you can experience the surging vitality of new occupations.

Artificial intelligence trainer Wei Zimu

Technology is good, more satisfying

Artificial intelligence empowers the real economy, data analysis, and labeling, algorithm selection, and optimization, model training, program design, etc. Can all included in the professional scope of artificial intelligence trainers

Artificial intelligence trainer, it sounds like a futuristic career. On the morning of October 13, the reporter came to Haizhi Technology, a data intelligence company, and met Wei Zimu, a young female engineer for development. With a steady voice and a quiet smile, tapping the keyboard lightly, a string of codes poured out like a stream of water. “The girl who engages in AI really has an extraordinary temperament.” The reporter secretly admired.

What is an artificial intelligence trainer?

“Compared to algorithm engineers and big data engineers. The work content of artificial intelligence trainers is richer.” Zimu typed the code while explaining that artificial intelligence empowers the real economy, such as data analysis and labeling, algorithm selection and tuning, and models Training, program design, etc. include in the professional scope of artificial intelligence trainers for development

“Our system generally deployed on the user’s private cloud. Let’s use the simulation system to demonstrate today.” She opened the demo software for example. “Recently, I used artificial intelligence technology in the financial project team to assist the bank in anti-fraud and anti-money laundering. , Post-loan risk monitoring and other risk management, evaluate and predict customer behavior.”

What are the characteristics of customers?

However, the amount of relevant data in the banking system is very large. What are the characteristics of customers and how the data is developed requires solid research in the early stage? Zimu must not only master artificial intelligence-related technologies but also have a deep understanding of the actual needs of financial services development. Understanding. “While analyzing the data, the most critical step is to select the algorithm.” Zi Mu explained that the algorithm is like a formula. The more the formula fits the law of the data itself, the more accurate the prediction result will be.

After choosing a suitable algorithm, Zimu will put the data in and start the arduous work of “training” the model.

“How do you understand the action of training?”

The reporter felt a little abstract. Zi Mu immediately took out the paper and pen and drew a tree. As she drew, she explained that the calculation process of artificial intelligence is like the growth of a tree.

According to Unshared News: At first, the big tree had only the main trunk, but slowly grew and branched and stretched in different directions. The branches were divided into branches of different sizes, eventually becoming lush, towering trees. When the bank customer data is put into the algorithm, according to the mathematical principle, the algorithm will automatically go to the next step. If you choose “Yes” at a certain bifurcation, you will go to this site, and if you choose “No”, you will go to the other side. The decision-making process clearly shows some probabilities and predictive results.

What role do you play in it?

“So, what role do you play in it?” the reporter asked puzzledly. “The total height of the tree and when it stops growing can be set by the artificial intelligence trainer. The algorithm will automatically determine where the tree forks based on human settings.” Zi Mu said vividly. “In other words, even if I and another artificial intelligence trainer use the same data and algorithms because we are different in familiarity with business scenarios, there are differences in the parameters set during model training, helps in development and the final analysis results will be Different. This is not only related to the technical level of engineers, but also inseparable from the core technology of the company and the precipitation of industry knowledge.”

In the end, a simulated “scoring card” popped up on the screen of the demonstration system, showing in the form of a graph which people are at high risk of overdue repayment, which risk is low, and what is the best response for the bank… Artificial Intelligence Service Finance is mainly reflected in the use of data intelligence technology to prevent financial risks, identify fraudulent behaviors, improve refined services, and reduce costs.

Artificial Intelligence Technology

“The demand for artificial intelligence technology in the whole society is increasing. I very much agree with the view that technology is good. I can do my best to help traditional industries improve quality and efficiency, and provide people with more refined and high-quality services. It’s the motivation for my work.” Zi Mu said.

Zi Mu is 26 years old this year and has a background in mathematics. He finished his master’s degree last year. But she still maintains a state of learning all the time. “If you want to be an excellent artificial intelligence trainer, in addition to solid math and computer skills, you have to keep up with the pace of knowledge updates.”

New energy vehicle rescuer Yang Zhi

This year’s National Day holiday, along with the border to the north, Chengde, Saihanba, Xilin Gol, walked more than 3,000 kilometers, to provide charging rescue services to the owners of the tour

“‘Ding–‘You have a new order!” Come alive! At 9 o’clock in the morning, Yang Zhi, an NIO car rescuer, opened the smart order software on his mobile phone, confirmed the location and requirements of the vehicle, and drove his rescue vehicle, let’s go.

Unlike imagined car rescue scenes that mostly occur on highways, the rescue location this time is an underground parking lot of an office building.

“The owner of the car left a message stating that it is going to be a long-distance day, and there is no time to recharge. Please help us to help the rescue. The whole process from picking up the car to returning it must be completed within two hours.” Yang Zhiyi explained that the reporter suddenly felt that the time was tight. However, he knew everything about the body, and then he looked around the car carefully, and after making sure everything was intact, he uploaded the inspection video; at this time, the system has automatically matched the best solution based on the battery level and nearby charging equipment—— Change the battery before charging.

“I can’t wait for time, and I can’t live in a hurry.”

On the way to the power station, Yang Zhi showed the reporter’s doubts. Yang Zhi showed the reporter the background of the mobile phone. The queue for the battery exchange and the required charging time were all at a glance. After completing all the procedures, Yang Zhi raised his hand and looked at his watch, “Complete the task half an hour ahead of schedule!”

Rescue service guarantees rely on powerful technology and rich experience. While drinking water, Yang Zhi’s cell phone rang again. “The owner’s new energy vehicle battery is less than 10%. It is stuck in place and cannot move. You must drive the mobile power car!” As soon as the voice fell, Yang Zhiyue got into a white Iveco parked not far away, greeted the reporter to get in the car quickly.

After driving for more than ten minutes, the car steadily stopped one meter in front of the car for help. When I opened the back door of Iveco, everything suddenly became clear. It turned out that the car was loaded with two fully charged battery packs, one end was connected to the electric box controller in the front compartment, and the other end was a three-meter-long power transmission line.

“Don’t look at this guy being a bit cumbersome, the charging efficiency is much faster than the fixed charging pile!” While speaking, Yang Zhi pulled up the power line quickly and plugged it into the charging port. After a while, the signal light flashed, and the car in front of him “revived” again.

“Helping car owners overcome the mileage anxiety’ is also a kind of rescue.”

During the charging gap, Yang Zhi pointed to the mobile charging car next to him and said, “Where the order is, we will follow. This year’s National Day, I followed the order From Chengde to the north, crossing Saihan Dam, and finally to Xilin Gol, I walked more than 3,000 kilometers. I drove it every day to provide charging and rescue services to car owners who traveled. At most, a dozen orders were turned in a row, and I didn’t close my eyes all day and night.”

“Isn’t tired because of the intensity?” “Why don’t you have fun while walking? I can see everywhere. I have worked for more than two years. There are no sights around Beijing that I haven’t visited.” Yang Zhi laughed, turned his head, and became serious. Get up, “Look, now the rescue is only a mobile phone, a toolbox, and work clothes, but there is a lot of knowledge in it. The equipment is all digitized, and you can’t use it if you don’t understand the code. The operation requirements are standardized, and the torque of the screw is all There are precise requirements, and there are no two brushes that really won’t make it to the road.”

“Then how can I be a good car rescuer?”

“I gnaw through pages of books, ponder a little bit, and ask for improvement in skills.” “Ding——” The battery is just full, and the new order is coming, step on it. Throttle, Yang Zhi is on the road again.

The food safety manager is an enhanced version of the food safety manager. Supervise and manage from six aspects of personnel, machinery, materials, methods, environment, and measurement, so that people can eat more assured, healthier, and happier. Development creat growth.

The safety on the tip of the tongue is closely related to the lives of the people. The new profession of food safety manager sounds both familiar and unfamiliar, just like the food safety managers of the past? As a new profession, where is the new?

With curiosity, on October 12, the reporter came to the handmade food processing workshop of the Imperial Tea Restaurant in Dongcheng District, Beijing, and experienced a day of working as a food safety manager.

“It is called administrator, now it is called manager, with higher standards and greater responsibility.”

Food safety manager Cheng Wei explained with a smile.

This 27-year-old Northeast girl came to this company after graduating from university. “In the four years since I joined the company. The company’s requirements for food safety and quality have become higher and higher, and hardware and software have been continuously upgraded in development. In March of this year, when I saw that I could be certified as a food safety manager, I signed up for the exam and had to upgrade myself.”

What urges Cheng Wei and the store to keep iterating on themselves? “The food industry is changing rapidly, and consumer demand is constantly escalating. If you don’t upgrade, you will eliminate.” Cheng Wei said. “Now what you care about is not whether you can eat enough, but whether you can eat well?”

Cheng Wei picked up a box of pastries and said:

“This is the best-selling organic series product that I participated in the research and development. Now consumers care about sugar content, pesticide residues, and other health indicators. We have developed these low-sugar, organic products. Product. The content of oil and sugar lowered several times. The balance between taste and health constantly found. Finally, the ratio of crispy skin and slightly sweet taste found.”

While talking, we walked to the door of the food processing workshop. “Inspection is my main daily work, and every batch of products sampled every day for development. I will take you into the workshop and start the experience with sampling.”

Just about to follow Cheng Wei into the changing room, she suddenly asked: “Do you have a health certificate?” The reporter stunned: “There is only a health code, no health certificate.”

“Then you can’t enter the workshop, it doesn’t meet our safety production regulations!”

In this way, the reporter “turned out” by the interviewee. It had to observe Cheng Wei through the glass curtain wall of the processing workshop. Put on hairnets and masks, change into work clothes, put on shoe covers. Enter the workshop from the air shower room, and spray disinfectant on both hands

based on the previous handwashing and disinfection, for development and then randomly select from the pastries on the finished shelf in the workshop Test samples and prepare samples.

After sampling, the reporter and Cheng Wei met again and went to the quality control room on the second floor. This is more like a biological laboratory. She fiddled with all kinds of bottles and cans swiftly. “This is a sterile tank, this is the prepared saline and agar. This is the incubator. E. coli needs cultured for 1 to 2 days. Each category needs tested 5 times, and most of the day will pass.”

Will it be boring to repeat the test over and over again? Cheng Wei smiled: “Look at the agar in the petri dish. There are yellow and red. They are pretty good-looking. There hidden food safety codes, which relate to life and health. I am a decoder and a gatekeeper, and I am quite successful. Feeling.”


The monotony in the eyes of others is colorful in Cheng Wei’s eyes. “The food safety manager is an enhanced version of the food safety manager. It helps you in development Who has to supervise and manage from six aspects: personnel, machinery, materials, methods, environment, and measurement.” She said, “Now with the country’s’official recognition’, There is more room for career development. I hope to have the opportunity to participate in the formulation of some standards in the future to improve the food safety level of the entire industry. So that the people can eat more assured, healthier, and happier.”


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