Picuki: Ultimate Guide to Instagram Viewer and Editor

Picuki: Ultimate Guide to Instagram Viewer and Editor

Instagram is now one of the most famous social media platforms where ordinary people, models, and stars share their photos and stories on Reels. But Insta has some limitations. For example, it will not let an anonymous user (who did not log in) walk through the full profile and see the Reels. Never does it allow any user to download the pictures and DP or view them in full font size even if you are logged in. But you know, modern needs have modern solutions. So is the case with Instagram. Many tools are here to let you peek through someone’s public profile without logging in and discovering all the above attributes. The best among them is a website and tool called “Picuki.”

Picuki- An Introduction

Picuki is an Instagram viewer and editor. It is not an app but an online website. Using this site, you can scroll through the public profiles, Reels, DPs, videos, pictures, and hashtags of public users of IG without revealing your identity to them. Anonymity is sometimes crucial when we want to get information about someone’s profile but don’t want to let them know. Picuki provides you with this very basic facility. It does not require signing up.


Picuki allows the user to see the followers and the people followed by the searched person. You cannot comment on someone’s account using Picuki but can see the number of likes and comments on any post. What more, you can find is the user’s location where they are uploading it. Per se, you can follow someone on Insta without letting them know. 

Picuki also has a feature to edit your own uploaded DP or picture. You can add filters, change the background, add text or crop them. Remember, once uploaded, Instagram does not let you change anything in the photos. But Picuki let you do so.

Using Picuki to View Instagram by Profile Name or Hashtag

If you want to watch someone’s profile anonymously on Picuki, follow the steps below.

Open the Site

Use any web browser to search “Picuki” on Google or visit the site: https://www.picuki.com/. Once you open the site, you need not create an account or sign up. Not signing up is good, as you are not leaving traces.

Go to the Search Option

You will see the option “Search Instagram” on the opened site. Click on it and write the profile name you want to visit. Picuki will give several related searches. For example, you can select if you have searched for a “profile” or a “hashtag.” Next, click on the relevant search item. Then find the required name and click on it.

picuki Profile

You can now scroll through the profile pictures, Reels, videos, and DP. Rest assured, the user won’t know you have visited them.

Using Picuki to Download Pictures and Videos from Instagram Stories

You can use Picuki to download pictures or videos from Instagram stories. However, remember that IG does not permit users to download pictures and videos except from their profiles.

To download the videos and pictures, follow the steps:

Open the Profile:

First, open the required profile using the method described in the previous section.

Click on the Video or Picture:

The next step is to scroll through the required video or picture and click on it. The picture or video will open in a new window. Below the picture or video, you will find the “download” option. Click on it, and the download will start. 

Open the full picture:

Here you can also open the full-length pictures from stories. Otherwise, Insta does not allow it for other users.

Using Picuki to Download the DP Image from Insta Account

Insta itself does not allow you to download DP images. But using Picuki, you can download DP’s using the following steps:

a) Open the Profile:

Open the profile as explained in the first section.

b) Open the DP:

Now click on the + sign on the user’s DP. A download symbol will appear on the top right of the opened picture.

Using Picuki to Edit Pictures on Instagram

Another extraordinary feature of Picuki is that you can edit your or other users’ photos. Then, after the editing, you can download the edited version easily. Other IG downloaders do not give this option.


Chose the Picture:

First of all, click the picture you want to edit. In the opened window, along with the option of “download,” there is the option of “edit” as well. Multiple tools will appear in the picture by clicking on the ‘edit’ option.

Edit the Picture:

You can edit the picture with options like cropping and adding filters. In addition, you can change a picture’s brightness, saturation, and contrast. Options like adding borders and changing focus are also available in this online web Instagram tool.

Download the Picture:

Once you have edited the picture, click the download option below.

Pros of Picuki

No doubt, Picuki comes with advantages that make it a popular Instagram viewer and editor. The pros of it are as follows:

  • No signup or account is required to use it.
  • It is anonymous and doesn’t leave the user’s traces behind. As a result, the ghost footprints are not observed and let you peek through the websites of others easily.
  • It takes care of the user’s privacy, i.e., do not leak the information. So it kind of bypasses the tight security of Instagram without any harm.
  • It gives access to all the public accounts on Instagram.
  • It gives a “search by” option for both profile names and hashtags.
  • It is not only a viewer but also an editor of photos on Instagram.
  • It is a free tool. Picuki does not cost anything to its user and provides all the information and services without any constraints.
  • This site is a safe website. It wouldn’t let you be in any privacy hack. The site uses appropriate tools and does not hack someone’s profile. That’s why this site does not show private accounts. It only enhances options for users not available on Instagram. 
  • It has a very simple and user-friendly interface. Therefore, anyone can easily understand it at first glance.

Cons of Picuki

Despite many pros, there are some cons or limitations as well, like:

  • It does not have any automatic algorithm to keep a record of your search patterns.
  • It does not have any feature to delete anything from the user’s Instagram.
  • If there is an increase in balance in your account, it will not be shown.
  • You cannot access social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook through Picuki.

Pocuki vs Picuki

We have already discussed that Picuki is a web-based online platform, but it is also available on Android and IOS platforms. But Picuki is also famous with the name Pocuki. This second name is less known because this version is only available on the IOS platform. Pocuki is officially a valid editor and viewer of IG.

How to Follow the Trends Using Picuki?

We all know that Instagram is globally used, and videos and pictures of different life topics are shared each second. But some topics in fashion, sports, politics, science or entertainment are trending. Picuki can help you in this regard. You can find the most trendy videos and pictures on IG using Picuki.

The method is to search any topic like “fashion” in the search bar, and all the trending fashion videos appear on top. Similarly, you can find trending hashtags. Knowing and using the trendiest videos and hashtags helps you be a better influencer and business strategist.

Why is Picuki not working?

Sometimes you will find Picuki not working at all. The reason is that it is a famous site and traffic is increasing daily. The rush of users caused the site not to work properly.

What to do if Picuki is not working?

You can solve this issue in the following ways.

a) Check Your Intern Connection

First, check whether the problem is on your side or not. Then, restart your computer and your Internet router. Restarting the computer clears the DNS cache and hence might solve the problem.

b) Clear the Cache:

Clear the cache; it might resolve the issue. For clearing the cache, go to the Windows command prompt. Paste this code “Ipconfig /flushdns” and press “enter.” After that, restart the computer to clear the cache.

c) Wait for the Server

If the above two methods are not working well, the issue lies on the other side. In this case, waiting for a few hours is the only solution. Picuki team will resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Best Alternatives to Picuki

Though Picuki is itself a very competitive site, if for some reason it is not working well, you can check some alternatives as well.

a) Glassagram

Glassagram works in the very same way as that of Picuki. You can surf someone’s public profile anonymously. But unlike Picuki, which doesn’t allow you to have information about the followers, Glassagram gives you insights from the audience and helps you grow your channel easily. Secondly, it is available in the application form in both Android and IOS stores. Hence, you can keep yourself up with real-time updates.


b) Webstagram:

Another best alternative to Picuki is Webstagram. This tool is for you if you are running any business or selling products on IG. Webstagram gives you insights about your best-approached product and lets you know the type of audience. The weekly reports of it also help you to forecast the future.


Webstagram doesn’t let you edit the photos, nor does it let you know the latest trends like in Picuki. But it does let you visit the user’s profile anonymously. So the user won’t know you have visited their profile.

c) uMobix:

If you are a parent and want to protect your children from any negative influence in school or society, uMobix helps you in this regard. uMobix is an Instagram profile and real-time tracker. The tracker lets you know about deleted posts, modified messages, and your child’s location. Of course, you can also change their access to any potentially harmful site. But again, the good thing is that the user won’t know they are being watched.



Q.1 Is Picuki Available on Android/IOS?

Yes, it is good news that Picuki is available not only on the online web but also on android and IOS. But Pocuki (another name for Picuki) is only available to IOS users.

Q.2 Can Picuki be Accessed Offline?

No, it would help if you had an active Internet connection to surf it.

Q.3 Are Picuki and Instagram the Same?

No. Instagram is a well-known social media platform. At the same time, Picuki is a viewer and editor of IG, which gives users a ghost step anonymity while someone’s public profile.

Q.4 Can I Access Someone’s Private Account Using Picuki?

No, you can only access public profiles, photos, videos, Reels, and DPS. If someone has locked their profile, Picuki will not let you in.

Q.5 Is Picuki A Legal Site?

Yes, it is a legal site; you should feel free to use it.

Q.6 Can you keep your Data Safe from Picuki?

If you are worried about your IG profile not being seen by anyone, then the best method is to make your profile “private instead of “public.”

But even if you want to hide your data from Picuki, you can write an application to the site’s managers. They pledge they will hide your data on request.


In conclusion, I will say that Picuki is a surprisingly helpful and effective app. You can visit the public Instagram profiles anonymously and view photos, videos, and reels. You can also download them and edit pictures using various options. In short, Picuki is the best Instagram viewer and editor. But if Picuki is not working for some reason, you can use some alternatives mentioned above.



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