Popular Online Games that you can Play to Earn Real Money

Popular Online Games that you can Play to Earn Real Money

Nowadays, most people are familiar with online games because of technology and their society but if you are not among those people and want to know what the term online gaming means then search over here. The term online gaming means when a person plays any type of game through the internet and connects with different players from different regions. The resources you need to play a game online are a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or any gaming console and a good internet connection and you are good to go. 

There are a lot of online games available on the internet so that people can choose their favorite game and start playing it. Games like Ludo money, Teen Patti, Poker, Cricket, and many more are available online that offer real money to the players when they win the game this makes online gaming more exciting. So the people who want to start their career by earning money online can choose these online gaming platforms and begin with positivity. 

About Ludo

Ludo is an ancient board game that originated in India. The name Ludo was given by the Britishers before this game was called Pachisi in India. Ludo is a square-shaped board game that can be played with a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 players at a time. Each player has 4 tokens of the same color and the player who takes the whole 4 tokens into the home wins the game. 

There is a single dice for every player; they have to roll the dice turn by turn so that players can move their tokens and move towards victory. These days this entertaining game Ludo is available online and people love to play it with their loved ones from a far distance. Not only for entertainment but people are using some great online Ludo apps which offer real money to the users. 

Before investing in these apps people should check whether the game is legit or not because some fraud apps in the market take your money and don’t give you a chance to play. But don’t worry, here is the list of some trusted and genuine online Ludo apps to earn money. 

Top Ludo apps

Some of these apps are only for entertainment; they don’t offer any real cash prize to the users but you can play the game with your friends online. 

1. Ludo Classic

If you like to play ludo like old-style or you want to experience how ludo was played earlier then this app is for you. Because this app reminds of old Ludo on every point whether it is about the board, tokens, or dice it is the perfect mixture of old and modern ludo. Some other features are as follow:

  • Maximum 4 players can play on a single device.
  • Users can customize the Ludo board.
  • Two players can play at the same time from devices by connecting with Bluetooth. 

2. Ludo Empire

  • Ludo Empire lets you earn real money. 
  • Sign up bonus of this game is ₹10 which will be deposited into your bank account. 
  • There are two types of payment methods: Paytm wallet and account transfer.
  • People love this game because of its special feature known as a counter mode. 
  • The referral amount is ₹20. 

3. Ludo Bing

This app is rated as the best Android board game. There is an offline mode in this game and there is a snake and ladder game inside the app because if someone gets bored of playing ludo then the user can switch to snake and ladder. 

There are two modes to play in this app. The first is classic and the second is a quick match. The players can send messages to each other while playing the game. You can watch videos to earn more coins and there is a special wheel of fortune that is spun daily to earn some special features or coins.

4. Ludo Fantasy

  • The minimum entry fee to join a game is ₹10 or 10 coins offline.
  • You will earn a bonus of ₹20 when you sign up. 
  • Ludo Fantasy has the lowest entry fee on this list.
  • You can play a special mode known as the quick mode to complete the match quickly and save your time. 
  • Refer and earn prizes is ₹1 and 2% commission on every game your referral plays.


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