Prize bond is available in Pakistan offered by the state bank of Pakistan.

Prize bond is available in Pakistan offered by the state bank of Pakistan.

People interested in purchasing the Prize bond can buy them from Pakistan’s national bank or the national saving bank because the regulation of these bonds is by the government of Pakistan, making it more feasible for the buyer. It also generates loans for government to invest in the country.

Prize bond

People are tense about wheatear it is safe to invest in bonds or not because, like other lotteries games, they are considered linked with luck. But know a day, people don’t believe in these so-called myths. So here are the reasons to invest in bonds.

  • Safe
  • Revenue generation
  • Mega Prize can win
  • Refundable
  • Late Expiries

However, it increases the chance of winning as the number of bonds in your hand increases. In addition, this happens because when you have many bonds in your hand, the winning bonds must be from one of the bonds in your hands. Following is the Prize bond list offered by the government of Pakistan.

Prize bond list

  1. One Hundred Rupees (National Prize Bond)
  2. Two Hundred Rupees (National Prize Bond)
  3. Seven Hundred Fifty Rupees (National Prize Bond)
  4. One Thousand Five Hundred Rupees (National Prize Bond)
  5. Seven Thousand Five Hundred Rupees (National Prize Bond)
  6. Fifteen Thousand Rupees (National Prize Bond)
  7. Twenty Thousand Rupees (National Prize Bond)
  8. Forty Thousand Rupees

Working Hours

The state bank specifies the time for the buying bond. Therefore, if you are interested in buying bonds, you have to visit your nearest center at a specific time. The time for purchase of bonds is Monday to Friday from (09:00 AM-04:00 PM). Similarly, on Friday, there is a break for Jummah prayer.


Draw held twice every month of the year. However, the date is not fixed for the draw. Firstly, handheld on the first day of the month or secondly, in the mid of the month.

Prize bond guesses paper.

People are always wanting to win. Therefore, there is a high demand for bonds in the world. However, there are many Prizes bond guess papers available on the internet. It is unknown who is uploading them whether they are right or wrong. But there are many peoples following these guesses. Prize bond guesses paper update it for each upcoming draw.

There are many platforms where these bond guesses are available, such as Facebook groups, WhatsApp groups, integral pages, newspaper columns, etc. We know that these gasses are personal guesses, and everyone has a different opinion for each draw.

Therefore, these guesses are always different from others. There are no official guess papers. It’s total luck dependent whether you win or not after following these guess papers. Don’t stress to yourself are you winning or not. Games are part of life, not life.


Any filler and non-filler can purchase Bonds in Pakistan. You can buy it. But the winning amount tax is different for stuffing and non-filler. Filler has to pay lesser than non-fillers.

  • 15% (For Filler citizens of the Islamic State of Pakistan)
  • 30% (For Non-Filler citizens of the Islamic State of Pakistan)

Therefore, in Pakistan, prize bonds are more in demand than shares in the stock market. The people of Pakistan believe that it’s better to buy bonds other than any investment. Therefore, the bonds are in almost every price bracket, making them easy to buy for everyone. The cheapest bond in Pakistan is hundred rupees which anyone can buy from a bank. The government of Pakistan keeps the demand for adhesives and increases their supply as the demand increases. Therefore, it is one of the easiest ways to invest and profit.

It increases the chance of winning for you as the number of bonds increases; the winning bonds must be from one of the bonds in your hands. In addition, it has gained public interest. Best of luck…!!

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