QuickBooks Already has a Company File Open

QuickBooks Already has a Company File Open

This QuickBooks error is a default error. It does not mean that it is malicious. This error does not affect any company data, but it blocks you from opening the application. This error can cause data loss.

QuickBooks Already Has a Company File open: Causes

This error could be caused by six things. To resolve the problem, it is necessary to identify the actual cause.

  • Two instances of the QuickBooks program might be open on one computer.
  • You might have the Quick Start option turned on your computer.
  • Different names for QuickBooks files can be used.
  • If the installation ID is only for one user, this usually happens.
  • You can use the different QuickBooks paths to open a company file. This is done to refresh the data.
  • This can also happen if the installation was intended for one user.
  • If a company file is already open before you try to open other QuickBooks company files simultaneously.
  • Incorrect configuration in Remote Terminal Services Environment.
  • The suggested instructions for installing Qube were not properly followed.

How to fix QuickBooks Already have a company File open issue?

It is recommended that you speak to an advisor if you have any questions about the “QuickBooks already holds a company files open” issue.

Users who are facing this error should first run QuickBooks file doctor (details below). The tool will often resolve the problem automatically.

The free tool scans your system thoroughly and flags any errors. After identifying the error, the file doctor automatically fixes it. These steps will help you to resolve any issues with the QuickBooks file doctor.

Step 1: From Task Manager, close QuickBooks

First, close all QuickBooks-related tasks using Task Manager

  • To open Task Manager, press the Ctrl+Shift+Esc keys from your keyboard.
  • Click on Details to continue.
  • Choose any service randomly from the list.
  • You can search for QuickBooks services by pressing the Q button. This will take you directly to the QuickBooks file name, without scrolling.
  • Next, choose the QBW32.exe or the QBDBMgr.exe.
  • To stop tasks running in the background, click on the end task button

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Step 2: Stop all QuickBooks processes at once

If you don’t wish to close each process individually, you can close them all at once. You can have different names for the processes in QuickBooks. It is simple to close all of the processes at once. Follow these steps to accomplish this:

  • To open the Task Manager, press the Ctrl+Shift+Esc buttons together.
  • Click on the tab Processes
  • Next, select QuickBooks and click the End Task button.
  • Open the QuickBooks once more.

Step 3: Reboot your system

You will need to close QuickBooks manually. If you don’t wish to do this manually, then restart your computer. This will resolve your problem. The steps are:

  • Click the Windows button on the keyboard or go to the Start menu.
  • Next, click on the Power button
  • Choose the option Restart to start the system restarting. Wait for it.

Step 4: Open QuickBooks software

  • Once it’s done, you can open QuickBooks again

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