Remembering Kheerganga

Remembering Kheerganga

The Top Trekking Adventure!

Kheerganga is an unadulterated delight to a trekker’s eyes as it offers the most magnificent and all-encompassing perspectives. It’s a sacred spot and will quickly make you hopelessly enamoured with its magnificence. Kheerganga offers divine dawn and nightfall sees as well as a Hot Water Spring that removes all your sluggishness, a little Temple of Lord Shiva, and how might you fail to remember the Stargazing around evening time. 

Kheerganga isn’t only a Trek. It’s an encounter of a Lifetime. Envision a bowl of Maggi, a mountain Chai, and a free Jacuzzi – all at a stature of around 3000 meters. Heaven.Right?? Kheerganga is situated in Parvati Valley (Kullu Valley). It is one of the last possessed towns in the Parvati valley

Why Kheerganga and How to Reach? 

I trust I have effectively given you a deserving motivation to do a lifetime Kheerganga trek. 

Presently Let’s discuss how to reach kheerganga. 

The Starting Place of the Kheerganga Trek is Barshaini. We began our excursion. On the off chance that you need to realize how to arrive at Kasol from Delhi (Refer to this connection → you can peruse my excursion here), We went through a day in Kasol and the following day at around 10 am, we began for Kheerganga. You can take a transport or taxi from Kasol to Barshaini. 

Transport shows up in Kasol after every thirty minutes. The taxi toll is fixed at 800/ – Rs. which is a bit costly. So what you can do (as we did to make a spending voyage) is to impart your taxi to individual explorers going towards Barshaini or Tosh. That way, it will cost you as little as 200/ – Rs. per individual. 

Barshaini is an unassuming community with few remaining choices, Basic Dhabas, a taxi stand, and a wine shop. 

Conveying big knapsacks will not be a smart thought for trekking. In this way, I would exhort you to keep your additional gear at Barshaini or Kasol (in case it was your beginning stage like ours). Just keep fundamental things needed for a trek (Refer to this connection for actual data about → what to convey for a trek). 

Trekking Routes to Kheerganga 

The trekking distance from Barshaini to Kheerganga is around 13-14 km. It will take a normal 5-6 hours to arrive at the top by any of the courses. You can pick any of the accompanying 3 courses. 

1. Through Nathan Village.

It is the most famous and very stamped course for Kheerganga. Stroll to the extension after Barshaini and take a left turn. Ask anybody about the town course as You will meet many individuals coming. However, It’s not for the experience of monstrosities and picture takers. We took along these lines while trekking back from Kheerganga. 

2. Another is through Kalga.

It is known as the Jungle course. From the extension, take an option to climb up and arrive at Kalga town. Albeit, after midway, it joins the fundamental course. (Being an undertaking freak, I never learn about the spot visiting, I generally prefer to investigate places all alone. Along these lines, we unconsciously took this course; trust me, it was the best choice of all time. It’s a more troublesome course yet more invigorating too.) 

This course goes through thick timberlands. Each time it seems like an impasse. You infrequently meet individuals coming. Along these lines, it’s very feasible for you to get lost. Along these lines, I would prompt individuals who are fearless and daring ought to pick this one. 

3. the last one is from Tosh Village.

For the most part, this course is utilized by individuals who stay in Tosh for the evening and are Willing to trek the following morning. 

Kasol Kheerganga is an exceptionally well-known trekking objective nowadays. It is extremely simple to discover a convenience here, relying on the season, end-of-the-week group, and climate. The ideal choice is to get Camps on twin sharing premises which will cost you around 300-500 bucks for an evening. You can get your dinners from your camps, as it were. Else, there are a couple of bistro choices accessible also. Food is a bit costly here as it’s hard to make it reach up there, yet it’s absolutely worth the cash. 

The logical explanation for the heated water results from some well of lava in the mountains. Yet, according to Hindu Saying, It is said that Lord Shiva gifted this spring to Maa Parvati, and she used to come here for a shower. Furthermore, this spot is known for its Love. 

Cheerful Traveling! 

Thus, this was my experience of Kheerganga. I Expect you will appreciate it however much I did. If you like the post, do impart it to your general surroundings.


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