Road bike wheels buyer’s guide

Road bike wheels buyer’s guide

This road bike wheel buying guide looks at different options and helps cyclists make the best choice for them. The ideal bike would be aerodynamic, stiff, and light. Excellent aerodynamics allow you to go faster without problems. The wheel will not flex rigidly under load, which means that any energy you put into the ramp will take time to hold you and will not be lost when folding the wheel.

If the wheel is not very stiff, you will feel like a sponge, accelerating sharply from the saddle or sprinting and, in some cases rubbing the brake pads. A lighter road bike is useful when climbing as it improves the weight/power ratio. Also, note that lighter bikes also accelerate faster, which is very useful in races where you want to jump out of a corner or attack. Various.


The first thing you need to understand is the different parts that make up a bike and their impact on its performance.

Edge of bike 

Wheels are usually the first thing you notice about a wheelbarrow. Wheels with a deeper profile are more aerodynamic but heavier than their sharp rims. Also, crosswinds can hold the deepest point like a sail, so the wheel stays directly in front of a handle. It is much easier to work with the low profile and often lighter.

These Fulcrum Racing 5 wheels are a standard aluminum box

Of all the bike parts, the most important thing is that the rim is light. It’s about the moments. People often say that the “spinning mass” is large and real, but the rim is more curved than the hub because it is further away from the centerline. Think of it like a doorknob or a blanket.

If the bike is flat, the lighter rim is less important because its inertia supports it, but for acceleration, especially uphill, the lighter rim is best. In terms of material, carbon wheels are typically lighter and more expensive than aluminum.

Brake surface of the bike

There is no braking surface on the special disc brake wheels. The other wheels have an aluminum or carbon braking surface. Aluminum makes achieving a perfectly smooth braking surface easier, resulting in smoother braking. In addition, aluminum can be treated with claws and patterns to improve braking performance.

Carbon brake track of bike

The Mavic Elixiath brake pad is a good example. Carbon can work well, but stopping power is significantly reduced on wet roads. Carbon braking surfaces can overheat during prolonged braking. This can lead to rolling the braking surface and possible breakage of the wheel.


The hub is in the center of the wheel and has the axle and bearings. This means you can release the steering wheel without pressing the pedals. The cassette is mounted on an inertial box.

Sram / free Shimano verb cover.

Whether the wheel fits Shimano or Campagnologa depends on the cheap housing because the carton design of the two manufacturers differs from the placement on the freewheel. This is not a problem because you can buy and trade many cloud companies for free with a bike. Note. Shimano and SRAM are compatible. In addition, Edco offers free hub hosting compatible with Shimano / SRAM and Campagnolo.

This new Edco hub is compatible with Shimano and Campag

Most of the new wheels now have an 11-speed cassette-less housing. You can use a 10-step cartridge by placing a free space on the dispenser in front of the cartridge. These spacers are often included with the wheels, but if in doubt, contact your local bike dealer.


The hubs have bearings that allow the hub to rotate the shaft. More expensive wheels often have better bearings that roll more easily and with less friction. The hub has a cartridge or cup, and a tapered chamber often found on Shimano wheels.

Cassette bearings are becoming increasingly popular due to their ease of installation, replacement, and maintenance. Ball and tapered roller bearings can also work but require careful adjustment. Bearings are often made more expensive and smoother with ceramic.


The tips support the hub up to the rim and distribute the pressure tightly and compressively around the wheel. It is important to pay attention to the number of computers and the type of cable (depending on the spoken layout), as this may affect the strength and stiffness of the wheel. A higher dam usually means a stronger but slightly heavier bike.

The lower speech can be more streamlined, but the speech shape with a different radius can play a role. Spiers have traditionally been accurate, but flat/airy/sharp tips are becoming the norm at any cost.


The nuts hold the speaker in place and are usually brass due to their tensile strength. Aluminum alloys can also be used to save weight. The tips are usually threaded through a hub and attached to the edge of the nipple. When the wheel is threatened (straight), the oak controls the tension on the nipple.


Your bike was equipped with sensor wheels, probably for a good reason. Bicycles are the most used bikes today and are determined by the type of tires used. Winners will use an open base with an artificial ball that holds it in place on the edge profile. An air chamber is placed on the edge. This offers a lot of conveniences as it is easy to repair if a tire breaks.

Carbon share. Notice that the lid is in place at the lip.

Carbon winches are much heavier than their corresponding tubes because the rim has to be stronger to meet the braking pressure and the high demands of the rim. Deep-cut wheels like the Mavic Cosmic SLS have a carbon body above the aluminum wheel. Since they are cheaper to produce, they are heavier but cheaper than full carbon fibers.


In the past, before ramp tires were invented, tubular wheels were the only solution. Their main application today is running. In fact, tubular are closed tires with a closed or stitched inner tube, which makes them less comfortable than a clamp when changing tires.

Tubular wheels are usually lighter than the winch option. This is because the edge doesn’t need to be that strong to hold the coin bead in place. Instead, it is glued or glued to the edge of the bladder.

It is important to secure the base to the rim to prevent the base from turning at an angle to the rim. Gluing is the most traditional method and is believed to be the most reliable, but it usually takes a few days to reach the fastest point.

There are several options if you are driving a car, a sports car, or training on a stretcher and have a flat tire. Sealed, for example, The Vittoria hole plug can be injected into the base to seal the hole, but it may not work if the hole is too large.

Or an extra barrel can be placed on the edge but not as attached to the edge. Whether racing or driving a support vehicle, tubes can be a joy and a professional winner for training and daily use.

Tubeless wheels

Tubeless wheels are becoming increasingly popular with many tilt radars, which are now compatible with traditional tubeless sleeves/tubes. The wheels inside the rim have a tire-like base but are hermetically sealed. Instead of the tube, the base is filled with air and sealed.

The narrower edge can be a little heavier, which is compensated for by the lack of an air chamber. The sealant is designed to seal holes and punctures if they occur. It is possible to obtain tubeless housing for the impeller, which can then be tubular, but the risk is much lower and suitable for those who want to avoid stitches.

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