Treks in India for Beginners

Treks in India for Beginners

Except for a few, most of the Indian treks are within reach of beginners. It is not a big deal to hike over these trails but you need to keep a strong physique. You grossly mistake if you think that trekking needs a lot of practice. Because once you guide by nature, you will proceed restlessly to reach the peak. The mountain magic conquers your soul faster, as you start attempting the adventures one by one. Looking into the Indian scenario, the Himalayas offer a vast array of options to beginners, given their contrasting elevations.

Valley of Flowers Trek

To start your trekking experience with this mesmerizing trek will inspire you to become a trekker. So that you get to relish such beauty again and again. If UNESCO’s recognition of including this location as one of the World Heritage Sites doesn’t convince you. Then you should yourself come and taste the eternal splendor. While rejoicing the trail, you will not understand how it reached 12,00 ft. above sea level. The haul starts from a day prior to the accomplishment and on reaching the odor of the valley will stun. You with its endemic existent flowers that apparently are the rarest you could ever find anywhere else. Descending quite a few miles you also get to the route of the Hemkund Sahib which further whets your trekking experience.  Recommended to be taken during the monsoons for an exquisite experience.

Triund Trek

A relatively lesser height of 9,278 ft offers you an experience craved by veterans. The distance of the triune trek is shorter as well as the challenges. A great decision to try it before heading out on any significant treks. The incline is a bit steeper but helps you get rid of the novice in you. The rich variety of wildlife come to see you in your way and sometimes accompany you at the peak. The campsite on the top reveals a wide range of high peaks over you as well as an ecosystem cherished by a number of tourists. As a beginner, these 2 days of the trek can warm you up for your upcoming plans.

Prashar Lake Trek

The lake transcends the beauty of the location and is accompanied by a Parashar Rishi Temple that delights you with spirituality. Divergent to other Lake treks and alpine lakes, there is a small island within the lake that barely remains at its real position all the time. The temple located has a pagoda-like structure depicting Buddhist architecture. The lake is surface over an elevation of 8,960 ft. above sea level, achievable after enduring a distance of 49 km. The route that takes you to the lake starts from Jwalapur and is dominated by loud waterfalls, clear meadows, and coniferous forests.

Chopta Chandrashila Trek

Getting closer to a height of 12,110 ft. and surrounded by significant Himalayan peaks at a 360-degree round, you taste a notable essence of trekking without making much effort. Comparatively longer trek but worthwhile of all the trail exhaustion. It marks its beginning from Chopta in Uttarakhand and continues to mesmerize you for the next 3 days with alpine traditions and vegetation. Recommended to be taken between May and November, this trek offers you a bunch of experiences. To experience snowfall over the meditating mountains you can visit in the month of November. As a reward, you come across the Tungnath Temple on your trail.

Har Ki Dun Trek

Witness a fascinating route to the height of 12,000 ft. above sea level adapted by the Pandavas in their quest for heaven and named it the “Staircase to Heaven ”. Highland grasses, streams, and Coniferous greenwoods drive you through an ancient route. Follow the legendary path as you begin with a new experience in your life. Trek starts from Sankri village for 7 days and you cover 47km of ascent and descent. Visit during the month of April to mid-June and October to mid-November. The Garhwal region bears this hanging valley blessed with occasional sunlight peeking through the clouds in the snow-clad region. Temperature is freezing but not intolerable, thus suggesting that you carry enough winter garments. Villages and inhabitants located are friendly enough to socialize with you to make this trek even more interesting with their age-old stories.

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