Use Your Facebook Stories

Use Your Facebook Stories

Facebook Stories are another fantastic way to increase engagement and draw a new crowd to your page. Facebook Stories allows you to have the possibility to share your content multiple times as often as you’d like, even if the quality isn’t the best.

Stories can serve as a way to share any content from any source that’s in some way relevant to your intended group of people. In addition, sharing recent content within your Facebook story may let it be seen by more people even if the post does not appear in their feed because of the Facebook algorithm.

Try Using Facebook Live

Facebook has also altered its algorithm by placing Live videos above other types of videos. Facebook says that users spend nearly three times the time watching live videos compared to when the same videos are not live.

Furthermore, people are more likely to comment on live videos compared to pre-recorded videos. Being live more frequently allows your content to be more visible, which increases the number of people who view your website click here.

Don’t Skip Uploading Videos

Recent Facebook trends indicate video posts are among the top popular post types in terms of engagement and reach. According to one study, videos can garner twice the amount of attention compared to other posts. To make the most of your videos, you should post them directly to Facebook instead of posting links from YouTube and other video-sharing platforms.

In addition, for some reason, uploading square videos get higher views, greater engagement, and a more significant number of people watching the video until it is finished. Another study revealed that the majority of videos observed do not have audio! This means it’s a good idea to include captions to make it easier for viewers to get the most out of your video, regardless of whether they listen to it.

Reply to Comments & Mentions

A simple method to ensure that your readers interact with your posts is to respond to comments, tags, or even mentions of your posts in the comments section or related content.

This will not only make your viewers feel more included and heard, but it also increases the chance that they will be more likely to engage with your content in the future. Be sure to tailor your responses by mentioning the name of the person who commented.

Use Questions, Opinions, & Polls

Everyone enjoys giving their opinions in discussions. In your posts, asking questions or in Facebook stories is an excellent method to get people involved and gain views on various topics.

A practical method is to post an exciting piece of information or news, depending on your page’s content and people, and then ask your followers to tell you what they think of it. Polls on Facebook are another method of asking users to express their views on something and engaging your audience in a fun and simple manner.

Try Boosting Top Posts

If you have room for advertising within your company’s funds, why not use it to purchase Facebook advertisements? It is possible to start by working out which posts on your page have the most interaction and then utilize Facebook ads to promote them to ensure more people are exposed to the content.

If you use the right target, these ads will attract an even more significant amount of attention and engagement and, hopefully, increase your number of followers and your number of meetings. The best part is that these ads don’t cost too much; spending a little on boosted posts can give you at least four times the reach of your organic posts.

Share High-Performing, Curated Content

Sharing quality, high-performing content from other websites and pages can increase readership. People who follow or like the pages or websites, however, don’t follow you, will be exposed to your content.

This increases the exposure of your blog post as well as increases the number of followers you have.

This leads to an increase in engagement for your other posts as well. It’s like the cycle in life, with engagement leading to more engagement.

Recycle Top Posts

If you are confident that your intended audience has well received the content, you can reuse it later. This can increase the value of the particular article.

You can even repost older content after updating it and modifying it, even if it isn’t sustainable. This can result in more engagement than the original article or, at the very minimum. This is creating two times the attention of the same post.

One way to alter the original content could include adding a brand new image. An answer to a question or poll in the post, or a video in the article. You can also alter or alter the text. But, it would help if you put off a few weeks before publishing. To ensure your readers don’t come across the same or similar content frequently.



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