Video Star app Download for iPhone

Video Star app Download for iPhone

Video Star is multi application by Dashuai. The multimedia application allows simple video for mobile devices. Users can have impressively edited videos shared online, ideal for gaining likes on social media platforms.

Star in your own music video

It’s showtime. Produce your music videos, edit, and add effects from one place.

Video Star, is a music video maker. You air guitar in the shower and you dance along to the radio during your commute. When music is that much a part of your life, don’t you need an app to reflect all your musical know-how? Be the star of your own video.

With Video Star, you don’t need to have an amazing singing voice. Your vocals aren’t included. This app is all about the visual side of things. Use your iPad or your iPhone and capture your creative side while you bust a move or lip sync to the music.

Grab your phone and choose your preferred video format (landscape, square, or portrait). Next, select a song from the music library built into the app, or upload from your iTunes account, and start recording. It’s that easy.

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Are you seeing double? Yes, you can create clones of yourself. Set up a slow-motion movie or zip along in fast forward for a different take. Green screen effects and stop motion videos are a click away. Your music will follow along right with your creative editing process. You can pause whenever you want so you can style a new scene using filters, text, or whatever else you dream up.

 creative game

Speaking of the editing process, you can change the way your videos look from beginning to end. Comb through the Power Packs for new edits and features to enhance your work of art at any point you choose. You don’t need to leave the app.

Power Packs make Video Star fun. It’s the extra shiny bits that make your video stand out and get noticed.

For the best of everything, you’ll need to spend some money. The All Access Pass is the best way to get new features and effects. Power Packs are individual buys while the All Access Pass is for the whole shebang.

The All Access Pass lets you unleash all the options in Video Star and VideoFX Live. All the packs are unlocked, including any packs that release during the time you have the service. You can still make separate pack buys if you so desire.

Video Star All-Access Passes are auto-renewing. If you want to extend your service for more than a month at a time, you can opt for three months or to a yearly pass. If you decide a year is too long, you are able to downgrade your plan. Any changes need to go into effect at least twenty-four hours before the end of the current period.


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