What to Expect When Visiting the 25th Island of Greece

What to Expect When Visiting the 25th Island of Greece

The 25th island of Greece is one of the smallest in the Cyclades archipelago. But it’s well known as a tourist destination thanks to its lovely scenery. Its reputation is a fun-loving island full of good times. If you’re planning your first trip to this special place. If you’ve been before and want to know what to expect when visiting the 25th island of Greece. Then this guide will tell you everything you need to know.

General Information

If you’re looking for a relaxing vacation or an island getaway that has plenty of fun activities, consider visiting Kalymnos. Located in Greece’s Dodecanese group and measuring over 20 square miles, Kalymnos one of more than 50 islands in Greek waters that defined as mainland islands. While most mainlands are larger islands surrounded by smaller islets and rocks, Kalymnos is classified as the main island because it does not share its borders with any other Greek territory. In fact, there are about 14 miles between it and Rhodes, which is its closest neighbor on land.

Top Things To Do On The 25th Island

1. Hike To The Stone-Circled Temple. The temple built by monks over 1500 years ago. Though its exact purpose remains a mystery, it’s definitely worth a visit. And while you’re at it, make sure to check out other ancient artifacts on your way there—they’re scattered all over! 2. Dive For Treasure At Shipwreck Beach: While diving for treasure may sound like an old wives’ tale. Every summer hordes of people descend upon Shipwreck Beach in hopes of finding long-lost coins or goods. 3. Go On A Wine Tasting In Mykonos Town: Why not try some different wines. When visiting an island known for vineyards?

Accommodation on the 25th island

One thing that you’ll want to consider when planning your trip is where you’re going to stay. Typically, accommodation on the 25th island of Greece is pretty cheap compared with what you can expect back home—but don’t let that fool you. Some places won’t be quite as nice as they appear and, even if they are nice, they might not offer all of your comforts. We highly recommend spending a little more money and staying in a nicer hotel/hostel rather than opting for something cheaper but subpar. The difference in cost will likely be minimal (unless you get a luxurious five-star hotel) but comfort, customer service, and cleanliness should not be compromised.

Transport in and out of the 25th island

Without your own transportation, getting to and from is a bit of a hassle. Airlines go here regularly, but you can’t travel with more than 50 pounds worth of luggage without paying extra; if you’re coming over with more than that, it might be worth thinking about renting a car at your destination. If you’re traveling here on business or are planning to stay for a while, though, be sure to bring more than just what fits in a carry-on—especially since they don’t have laundry facilities and dry cleaning isn’t exactly cheap. A lot of locals swear by taking public transport, too, so check out buses near where you’ll be staying before deciding between car rentals and cabs as your main form of transport. Regardless of which route you choose to take, remember: drive safely! The roads aren’t always clear, even when it looks like there should be one straight path all the way through. And think twice before going out in weather conditions that seem unsafe—while it rarely snows here during winter months (it’s actually an ideal time to visit!), rainstorms are common throughout both seasons and many locals agree that springtime weather is treacherous. Be aware and careful! This island welcomes visitors and doesn’t want to see any accidents happen while visiting!


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