Why Do You Need an Exhaust Fan for a Commercial Kitchen

Why Do You Need an Exhaust Fan for a Commercial Kitchen

The commercial kitchens are just amazing. This is the place where appetizing food is boiled, cooked, baked, and fried. However, the delicious meal preparations involve the use of multiple utensils and involve great cleanliness and upkeep needs. Also, several concerns such as smoke, heat, dust, and steam occur during cooking. All of this indicates the necessity of exhaust fan installation.

Installing a well-functioning exhaust fan in the commercial kitchen boosts compliance and prevents any health problems. They play an essential in preventing fall accidents and fire hazards. Even busy kitchens release hazardous gas like carbon monoxide. Here, such fans ensure reduced poisoning of carbon monoxide and other gasses.

It helps to ease the everyday commercial kitchen operations. It extracts all the dust particles, moisture, odor, and other particulates that may overwhelm the cooks. Without it, no commercial kitchen can become a place for healthy, safe, and comfortable cooking.

In this write-up, we will discuss why kitchen exhaust fan installation is vital in the commercial kitchen.

How Does an Exhaust Kitchen Fan Work?

The exhaust fan is made up of three parts. These include a blade, frame, and electric motor. The blades are connected to the electric motor. On the blades, there may be more than three leaves. The fan’s suction power rises with the number of blades. For optimal strength, the blade and electric motor combination is installed on the frame.

Reasons to Install Exhaust Fan in a Commercial Kitchen

1- Controls Humidity

The kitchen is the one common place where exhaust fan installation is simply a necessity. Different meal preparations like boiling, frying, baking, and more in the commercial kitchen cause humidity. This results in mildew and mold growth. There are many temporary solutions to eliminate mildew or bacteria growth. However, its root cause can only be addressed by the installation of the kitchen exhaust fan.

It will help direct the moisture, and humidity out of the vents and keep the cooking area clean and healthy. Thus, ensuring there is no space for spore and mildew to grow.

2- Heat Extraction

Kitchens are the most uncomfortable places in restaurants and eateries. The reason is they are hot all day long because of continued cooking. Preparing varying cuisines gives rise to airborne particles, smoke, foul smell, steam, health problems, etc. Here, the commercial kitchen can benefit from exhaust fans. It will efficiently eliminate all the air pollutants along with controlling the kitchen temperature.

The warm areas accumulate heat and often get accumulated on the roofs or around the ceilings. The exhaust fan installed in this case sucks out all the heat or humid air. Thus, ensuring consistent clean and dry air in the kitchen space.

3- Reduces Smoke and Odor

The kitchen is where heat, odors, and grease are all present at once. Additionally, these vapors contain a variety of chemicals that produce an unpleasant stench. Once more, the fat deposits cause unpleasant scents that not only annoy the clients but also other people in the area. Here, the exhaust fans aid in clearing the kitchen of gasses and other airborne pollutants. Businesses that operate restaurants must also adhere to cleanliness standards. Exhaust fans thereby maintain clean, fresh, and pure air while also ensuring that your company follows laws and regulations.

4- Maintains Kitchen Air Quality

Cooking in a commercial kitchen comes with enormous hassles like fumes, smoke, food odor, etc. Here, each of these concerns is in excess, especially since the smoke can be dangerous. It can lower the kitchen air quality. As a result, the restaurant staff suffers the most because of poor air quality and an unhealthy environment. Here, having an exhaust fan installed helps get rid of the smoke.

5- Protect Ceilings, Walls, Tiles, and Other Amenities

Another reason for the installation of the kitchen exhaust fan is the kitchen walls, ceilings, and other amenities will stay clean. The kitchen flooring like marble or tiles can accumulate grime over time. The commercial kitchens are the place where most of the smoke and fumes take place. Also, the steam occurs that makes the environment look dark. The smoke released builds tars on the ceilings, kitchen windows, and other amenities. In addition, fumes, dust, smoke, humidity, and steam production affects the health of the staff. The fan sucks all of these making the kitchen cleaner for a long time and requiring less upkeep.

6- Eases Cooking

The kitchen staff along with the cooks seeks a grease-free and hygienic food preparing environment. Installing a kitchen exhaust fan eliminates the accumulation of grease and kitchen odors. It allows the staff to efficiently prepare the food without any smoke, heat, or humidity concerns. Also, the kitchen’s functionality improves promoting hygiene and enhancing kitchen operations.

7- Decreases Operational Costs

Thinking from a business perspective, energy saving reduces heat. Thus reducing costs of storage, purchase, waste management, etc. Other costs mostly affect the restaurant business profits like the cleanliness of ducts, regular kitchen cleaning, and more. Hence, if you timely invest in the kitchen exhaust fan, it will minimize the requirement for upkeep, save the time of staff for manual cleaning, and cut operational costs.

8- Prevents Kitchen Exhaust System Contamination

The ventilation system can get easily contaminated by the dirt, dust, and grease accumulated in the kitchen air. If it happens, the hood range, vents, and ducts will require everyday cleanliness and frequent maintenance. Thus, giving rise to additional expenditures. Here, exhaust fans are designed to filter all the contamination particles and minimize the risks of vents or ducts becoming dirty.


Molds and mildew can cause health issues and damage the kitchen amenities as well. The exhaust fans are essential to keep the clean air in the kitchen. In addition, it helps to extend other kitchen appliances and gives the staff a healthy environment to cook. So, the importance of a kitchen exhaust fan can not be overlooked. Especially when it’s the need for a commercial kitchen.

So, what are you waiting for?

Get an exhaust fan installed in your commercial kitchen today. If you already have one, ensure it is cleaned and upkeep is performed frequently.

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