Why Do You Need To Study Cryptocurrency Trading?

Why Do You Need To Study Cryptocurrency Trading?

Coinaholic is dedicated to educating anyone entering the cryptoshpere without any initial knowledge. While everyone knows the asset’s potential to strike it rich or lose so much in a single day, studying cryptocurrency teaches the foundations of cryptocurrency values, basic trading strategies, and more. Read about Coinaholic Academy‘s service overview below.

Avoid Losing Too Much Cash


Demonstration accounts can help you avoid losing too much cash. Cryptocurrency is volatile, and experiencing this firsthand without any risk to your savings is a great way to start. Demo accounts allow you to invest fake money and help solidify your crypto investing fundamentals before you use real money on assets later.

Identify The Foundations of Cryptocurrency Values

Investors look at an asset’s fundamentals before making any investment decision. These usually include a company’s current standing, the existing demand for their service, the latest projects, the state of suppliers and business-to-business engagements, and others. Crypto also has these aspects, making them viable investments with helpful fundamental information to guide investor decisions towards maximum profitability.

Learn Basic Trading Strategies and Signals

All investors stick to one trading strategy and signal for each asset because each has its respective trading volumes, frequency, and changing values. Without trading strategy knowledge and signal identification, it’s easy to lose assets and give into emotional decisions. Strategies and signals give you maximum profitability without losing anything due to emotional investing.

Making Confident Investments and Cutting Your Losses Efficiently

The more cash you can invest in the market, the more you can learn about cutting your losses efficiently. It might feel desperate to say that the more you fail in investing, the more you can learn how to cut your losses before the drop, but it is true. Fortunately, you won’t need to worry about failing because you can use demo accounts to create your strategy.

What You’ll Learn in Coinaholic Academy

Coinaholic Academy’s mission is to educate all first-time and experienced crypto investors with sufficient knowledge to guide their investing decisions. Our expert teachers have created downloadable written and visual content to help you learn these three important aspects of crypto investing.

Learn What Moves Cryptocurrency Prices

If you can’t profit using a practice trading account, you will most likely use the money on real accounts. You can take huge risks you’d normally avoid with demo accounts and high-quality learning materials because you will lose nothing. It’s helpful to see how cryptocurrency prices move daily without paying out and shunting yourself from the markets.

The Best Investing Strategies

Technical analysis is possible with cryptocurrencies. While it doesn’t use the same fundamental research as traditional investing, it uses the same charting tools and trading volume analysis to predict the price’s movement. This is one of the most challenging yet rewarding topics to learn about cryptocurrency.

Investment Exposure Education

Exposure refers to the derivatives, linked assets, and indexes you can leverage to maximize your asset profit. High-quality bitcoin derivatives look towards deep liquidity, hedging, and leverage and margin strategies. Buying cryptocurrencies through centralized and decentralized markets is another method to do this.


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