Why Land Cruiser has become the most popular car in Dubai

Why Land Cruiser has become the most popular car in Dubai

According to a recent survey, approximately 300,000 residents of Dubai purchase brand-new cars each year. And it’s not a surprise that Land Cruiser is the one that gains maximum sales. The reason is that Dubai, the place of iconic buildings, is known for its harsh climate, tough roads, oceans, and deserts. And the famous Land Cruiser is specially built to drive in these tough conditions.

Not only the locals but the tourists also prefer to travel in a Land Cruiser for exploring the inside or outside beauty of Dubai. The reason is that car rental centers also offer to rent Toyota Land Cruiser cars in Dubai at a very reasonable price. This super luxury vehicle is an outstanding piece of art with comfortable and wide spacing. Its monstrous engine allows the riders to run this 4x vehicle on the tough roads of UAE at a high speed.

In this article, we have discussed some of the main driving forces behind the incredible popularity of Land Cruiser in Dubai. Continue reading!

High-Class Performance on The Roads of Dubai

Dubai is a land of deserts. Therefore, it contains mostly formidable routes, unpredictable weather, and busy highways. This makes it quite risky and hard to drive on such critical paths. However, the Land Cruiser is the champion of tough roads. Its monstrous petrol V8 engine allows it to tackle all types of roads and drive smoothly in harsh weather.

Not only the residents of Dubai or UAE but the explorers, or tourists of Dubai also love to enjoy riding in the Land Cruiser. And visitors of desert safari also go for Land Cruiser to perform thrilling dun Bashing and other activities.

No Compromise on Safety

The Dubai trip is full of adventure and thrills. The main attraction of this fantastic excursion is its breathtaking roads and valleys. Therefore, to enjoy riding on those roads it’s crucial to measure all the security features and ensure to hire a vehicle with all the required features of safety.

It is unbeatable in terms of advanced technology. Therefore, it always provides its customers with exceptional security features.

• Front and back rare view mirrors
• Automatic braking system
• Driving assistance
• Front and back view camera
• Sudden road turns alert
• Automatic Head and seat adjustment

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All of these features ensure the safety of the driver and the riders. And makes it easy to park safely in narrow places.

Attractive Designing, Comfort, and Luxury

Arabs are famous for their attention to beauty and glamor. Therefore, Land Cruiser creators keep this fact in mind while designing this super luxury car. Regardless of the incredibly large size the design and interior are worth it to prefer it over all other luxury cars. The inside view of the Land Cruiser provides a glimpse of a perfect blend of the unique, advanced, and creativity of technology.

Along with the interior, the exterior is also equipped with all the elements of beauty including heavy wheels, front and back headlights, a rotating top, and attractive color patterns.

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Land Cruiser is also known for its wide, and comfortable spacing. It provides extra room for luggage and a separate cargo box. In this box, you can keep your essential accessories including mobile, keys, connectivity devices, or anything important. Therefore, Land Cruiser is one of the top luxurious and comfortable vehicles in the United Arab Emirates.

Extremely Expensive that is Only Affordable to Arabians.

Luxury cars are a status symbol for those who are swimming in cash. And the Land Cruiser is one of the most expensive luxury cars. Therefore, most people can’t afford to keep this dream car. However, most Arabs are extremely rich and hold precious metals like gold, diamond, and platinum jewelry. Therefore, buying a Land Cruiser is the right-hand game for the residents of Dubai. This is the main reason for the extreme popularity of Land Cruisers in Dubai compared to the rest of the world.

People with low incomes can’t even think about purchasing this expensive vehicle. However, the top-ranked rental car service in Dubai is providing the opportunity to ride the expensive Land Cruiser at a very low budget. And you even rent it for a month or more…

Take Away

The Land Cruiser is the synonym of speed, comfort, and luxury to enjoy on the thrilling roads of Dubai. All these features make it one of the most popular and tourists’ first choices to explore the emirate and its wonderful attractions.


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