Why you should visit the Rajmachi Trek

Why you should visit the Rajmachi Trek


It is situated in between the two famous mountain regions, the Lonavala and Karjat in Maharashtra. It is one of the most popular and most traveled places in the Sahyadri Hills. While it’s an astonishing natural charming and beautiful place that appears to the natural admirers and travelers alike. Its exciting design and ancient beauty take attention towards the ancient times as well. The Rajmachi Fort is one of the most fantastic ancient architectures in the Western Ghats. That has endorsed the rule of multiple Kingdoms. Still, the fort exists in the ruins, it’s an ancient beauty and gives a revision of the amazing past to the tourists.

This fort was constructed by the Satavahanas but it is ruled by Shivaji Mahara. Who took over the fort in 1657. Shivaji Maharaj secured and extended the fort by enlarging it with multiple designs within the layout. In 1704, it was acquired by the Mughal Emperor, Aurangzeb, and after that year. It was taken under the control of Marathas. It served as the main business road, which links at present Mumbai and Pune In the 18th Century. In the 19th Century, the British people collected this fort from Marathas. And after Independence, it was announced as a “protected monument”.

Beautiful Appearance

One of the most beautiful appearances of this fort was its awesome arts. Which are a combination of distinct structural patterns brought by the several kingdoms. That have taken over in different time periods. This impressive architecture has hidden pathways, powerful walls, water containers, people entities, departmental centers, temples, and two forts constructed in Indian styles. That is Manaranjan Fort and Shrivardhan Fort. The Shrivardhan Fort has the largest vision point and sits at a height of 914 meters, giving a beautiful glimpse of the region. Whereas the Manaranjan Fort is settled at a height of 833 meters and gives equally amazing vision.

The temples inside the property are also valuable to visit. Some of the best ones include the Hemadpanthi design of Lord Shiva Temple and the Kal Bhairav Temple settled in the middle of the two forts.

Another main feature is the Kondana Caves, a group of 16 Buddhist caves situated just a small distance away from the fort. In the earlier 1st century BC, these caves were built on the rocks, totally with difficult arts, pillars, and waterfalls that improve their charm. They can be arrived by walking while moving downwards of the Rajmachi Fort.

About the trek

There are two ways to reach the Rajmachi Fort, one is easier and another is a little bit hard. The easiest way goes from the route of Lonavala. It is only a one-day trip, also can be expanded to 2 days. If the people are wishing to visit the two other forts. It is a well-determined 10 miles larger trip and most of the way is comparatively flat, surrounded by the rich greenery on every side. The journey starts from the township of Udhewadi and concludes with the ultimate vision of the fort and its location, entirely with the rich green mountains, valleys, and forests.

Another way goes through the Karjat. It is also a one-day trip. The way goes through the stones, crossing the small rivers and waterfalls. The foundation village is Kondivade and the beginning point on this way is Kondana caves, where people will have some time to spend visiting the wonderful vision of that place. It is better to go with experienced travelers on this route.

Best time to visit this place

Traveling to Rajmachi Fort is accessible all year. However, most travelers love to visit this place at the time of the Monsoon season which is from the months of June to September, which is a reasonably huge traveling season. At this time, the way is covered with rich greenery and variable interim waterfalls, and glowing small rivers, which appear to nature admirers and adventurers alike.

How to reach Rajmachi Fort

Rajmachi Fort is situated between the Mumbai to Pune highway and is interlinked by the road and railways with the main cities of India. It can be reached by air, Bus, and Train.

Places to visit nearby Rajmachi fort

Traveling to Rajmachi Fort will not be fulfilled without visiting the famous places which are nearest to the Rajmachi Fort. Some of them are Tungarli Lake, Valvan Lake, Rye wood park, Tiger’s leap, and Kune waterfall.

Things to do around Rajmachi Fort

The best things to do at Rajmachi fort which remains a beautiful memory for a lifetime are Pawna Lake camping, picnicking at Bhushi Lake, Paragliding in Kamshet, and Exploring Bhaja caves.

Things to carry while trekking to this place

The people who are planning to visit this place should carry some luggage like trekking shoes, a personal medication kit, a water bottle, dry snacks, and energy bars, and those who are traveling during the monsoon season should also include a rain jacket and an umbrella.

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